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Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics

Cloud-based Threat Protection

Advanced statistical modeling identifies new threats and adapts over time.

Security That Evolves

Legacy preventative security measures are not enough to stop today's advanced threats. Even the most advanced methods are subject to evasive tactics that exploit weaknesses in point-in-time defenses to penetrate the network. At the same time, existing threat monitoring and incident response solutions that involve complex manual rule sets can't keep up with new and emerging threats.

Cisco answers the challenge with Cognitive Threat Analytics. This cloud-based solution reduces time to discovery of threats operating inside the network. It addresses gaps in perimeter-based defenses by identifying the symptoms of a malware infection or data breach using behavioral analysis and anomaly detection.

Unlike traditional monitoring and incident response systems, it is not dependent on manual rule sets. Instead, Cognitive Threat Analytics relies on advanced statistical modeling and machine learning to independently identify new threats, learn from what it sees, and adapt over time.

Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics delivers exceptional protection and evolves with the changing threat landscape. It:

  • Discovers threats on its own; no human intervention is required
  • Focuses on symptoms, not method of attack; it looks at anomalous behavior
  • Fights threats with algorithms and machine learning; it learns and adapts

Customers gain:

  • Reduced time to discovery; mitigate the scope and damage of an infection
  • Security that evolves with the threat landscape; defeat emerging threats
  • Easy setup and maintenance; automation saves costs and increases security

Get Services on Cisco Cloud Web Security

Take advantage of Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics with a simple add-on license to your Cisco Cloud Web Security solution. Reduce complexity while gaining superior protection that evolves with the changing threat landscape.

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