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Q. How do I associate people with my company?

A. The Partner Administrator completes this in Partner Self Service (PSS)

Q. I completed the SB Specialization training and passed the exams. Why does my Select Certification not show up?

A. The partner needs to complete the last step in the process which is applying for the certification in theCSApp tool. Refer to the Select Certification Step By Step Guide found at for details.

Q. The Partner Administrator for our company left. How can I assign a new Partner Administrator?

A. The Partner Relationship Team (PRT) needs to reset the Partner Administrator. Contact numbers for PRT are found at

Q. Where can I find a Cisco Learning Partner?

A. All of the Cisco authorized Learning Partners can be found at

Q. Where can I register for Cisco programs?

A. Partners can register for all programs for which they are eligible in the Partner Program Enrollment (PPE) tool at

Q. Where can I find what promotions are currently running?

A. All of the current promotions are available in Cisco Partner Central at and for Small Business promotions at Cisco Small Business Promotions

Q. Where can I find the list of training courses available to partners?

A. All partner training can be found in the Partner Education Connection (PEC) at

Q. My company doesn't show up in the Partner Locator. How can I get listed in the Partner Locator?

A. In order to appear in the Partner Locator, the partner must provide their telephone number and check the box, 'Show in Partner Locator' in the PSS tool under Update Company Data - Locations.