Cisco Capital Financing

Open Pay Financing

Don’t pay for data centre assets you may never use. Cisco Open Pay gives you buffer capacity without having to fund it upfront.

Open Pay Financing

Open Pay is a pay per use model for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) servers, storage, and converged and hyperconverged platforms. It combines the privacy of on premise data centres with the burst capacity of cloud.

You pay for the portion of compute and storage you consume and simply dial capacity up and down as needed. This allows you to maintain control, spread risk and plan ahead with confidence as you grow. There’s no hidden charges and no backdoor fees. Just a quarterly fixed cost that’s lower than a full lease on all of the equipment.

Cisco Open Pays allows you to:

  • Test and innovate – by giving you the leg room you need without the traditional overhead.
  • Build shared services and pay for your initial data centre capacity, with a buffer that can be drawn upon when needed.
  • Maintain control and spread risk – dial capacity up and down, while avoiding ongoing maintenance.
  • Get ‘burst’ demand without having to fund it up-front – avoid seasonal or periodic spikes in capacity that can cripple your network.
  • Plan ahead with confidence as your organisation grows.

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