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Many businesses now realise that how they acquire the technology may be just as critical as the technology decision itself. Using financing eases the uncertainty of future technological developments and their impact on business planning.

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Business Critical Financial Solutions

Cisco Systems Capital has developed a broad spectrum of financial solutions that help companies acquire, deploy, upgrade and protect their technology investments. Our objective is to provide customers with the opportunity to reduce the overall cost of acquisition, management and end of life disposal of their Cisco Systems solution. Cisco Systems Capital also provides customers with the opportunity to remove the risk of technology obsolescence and manage the transition to next generation communications technologies as and when business needs dictate.

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In situations where you have several competing and business justified demands on a limited budget, you may want to consider financing your networking requirements with Cisco Systems Capital. Our flexible, bespoke agreements can be structured using either OPEX or CAPEX budget, on or off balance sheet and tailored to meet your budget requirements.


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