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Between hope and possible, there’s a bridge. Find out how Cisco is creating a world of potential.

Enabling the future

80% of the word’s internet traffic touches Cisco. We look at what we’ve made possible in the first 30 years of the web.

Discover the firsts

What does the internet enable you to do?

The World Wide Web has led to a better, more connected world for billions of people. While we celebrate the creation of this game-changing innovation, more needs to be done to help everyone benefit from a hyper-connected society. We explore what simple technology allows you to do in your day-to-day life and in business. How is the world changing with technology and what will it look like in the future?

of people’s number one reason to use the internet is to keep in touch with friends and family

Of the nation cannot imagine life without it

But look how technology can change a high street

In summer 2018, an IoT project made Mosley Street the smartest street in the UK: but this is just the first step in the city’s digital transformation.

30 years of possible

The World Wide Web and what it enables

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Exec perspectives

As a business leader, find out what you can do to aid your business’ digital transformation

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Accelerating the UK

What else is Cisco doing to enable the UK for digital innovation?