Why Cisco Unified Communications

As worldwide leader in the enterprise voice market, we can better deliver converged communications by taking full advantage of your existing IP network. This means you can easily use a single network to securely and cost-effectively connect users by seamlessly integrating voice, video and data applications to your entire workforce, independent of location.

The Cisco Unified Communications System was designed from the ground up as a comprehensive suite of communications applications. It enables customers to leverage the power of the IP network to streamline communications, increase productivity, and drive business process transformation through use of advanced communications technology.

Using a systems approach, Cisco combines the strengths of intelligent networking with security, open application programming interfaces (APIs), and self-service business applications. And because a converged Cisco network offers intelligence that's actually integrated throughout the entire network, organizations can take advantage of network-wide security, enhanced resilience, simplified network management, lower total cost of ownership, and accelerated time-to-value.

The Cisco Unified Communications family of products and applications is the heart of the Cisco Business Communications Solution - an integrated solution for organizations of all sizes that uniquely offers integrated IP communications, switching, security, wireless, and routing products. It includes services, support programs, financing options and third-party communications applications.

With Cisco Unified Communications, you can be assured that you are investing in a scalable, open, and fully integrated architecture, directly impacting the top and bottom lines of your business.

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  • Case Studies
    Learn how organizations are realizing their return on investment and productivity gains through unified communications.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Overview Q&A
    This document addresses questions regarding the Cisco Unified Communications family of products, as well as pricing, software subscription, service and support, channel, and leasing and financing opportunities, which together form the Cisco Business Communications Solution.
  • Cisco Unified Communications for the Telecom and Voice Expert
    What can Cisco Unified Communications do for your organization? This paper provides a detailed overview of Cisco Unified Communications, helping those responsible for making voice and telecommunications decisions.
  • Reports
    1. Miercom Test Report - Cisco Unified Communications System
      Cisco Systems engaged Miercom to independently review the Cisco Unified Communications System - the consolidation of Cisco's IP-telephony wares, featuring the new SIP-supporting Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0.
    2. Unified Communications Security
      This independent lab test report highlights Cisco as the clear leader in IP Communications security.

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