Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unity Connection

Speaking of Staying In Touch

Let employees use phones to access voice and e-mail messages.

Cisco Unity Connection

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Is "phone tag" an aggravation for employees who are always on the move? Cisco Unity Connection provides integrated messaging to help them handle messages with voice commands and stay abreast of all communications using their phone, their PC, or both.


Cisco Unity Connection supports:

  • Enhanced communication: Whether employees are at their phones or on their computers, they can stay in touch with customers and colleagues.
  • Advanced features: Using voice-command technology, employees can access messages in the sequence they prefer, and respond quickly to the most important ones.
  • Increased productivity: Employees can set up their own rules regarding management of callers by identity, time of day, and calendar status.
  • Simplicity: Companies can set up Cisco Unity Connection on one server, reducing support and maintenance costs.
  • Quick set-up: Cisco Unity Connection uses set-up and management tools consistent with other Cisco products.

Bring efficiency to your employees with this messaging system that makes their phones as productive a tool as their computers.

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Communicate and Collaborate

Communicate and Collaborate
Combine Voice, Video, and Data

Cisco Unity Connection offers a range of features including:

  • Voice-control commands (pause, resume, repeat, forward, delete, save, hear day or time stamp, skip forward and backward) for accessing messages or directories
  • Ability to control volume or speed during message playback
  • Mark messages as regular, urgent, private, or secure
  • Record live conversations and have sound file sent to a mailbox
  • Integration with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express so that employees can check on conferences and be transferred directly into a conference without touching the key pad.
  • Access e-mail messages via phone (requires Microsoft Exchange integration)
  • Optional networking with other Cisco voicemail solutions so that users on different systems can communicate transparently

Common Features

  • Ability to view, sort, search, and play back voice messages using the display of a Cisco Unified IP Phone or your e-mail software


Number of Employees

Key Benefits

Cisco Unity Express

12 - 250

  • Extensive real-time and historical reports on number of calls, voicemails, and rejected calls
  • Localized prompts available in 10 languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Up to 300 hours of voicemail storage
  • Fax integration
  • Call recording capability
  • Ability to broadcast recordings to a distribution list
  • Automatic message forwarding to different parties in case messages aren't retrieved

Cisco Unity Connection

50 - 250+

  • Extensive use of voice commands to place calls and process messages (English only)
  • Ability to set up rules to route calls by caller, time of day, or calendar status (based on Microsoft Exchange integration)
  • Customized options for message notification and personal greetings
  • Ability to record up to five personal greetings (alternate, busy, internal, off-hours, or standard).
  • Ability to change the order in which messages are presented

Learn how Cisco Unity Connection can make your employees—and their phones—even more responsive.


Unify Your Workforce with Cisco Unity Connection Podcast
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