Cisco Unified CallConnectors

Cisco Unified CallConnectors

Respond Faster to Customers

Getting more information sooner makes for happier customers.

Cisco Unified CallConnectors

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Product Overview Video

See Cisco Unified CallConnectors in action. (7:26 min)

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Stop wasting time on the phone. With Cisco Unified CallConnectors, information about who is calling and their relationship to your company automatically appears on the computer screen of any employee.


Cisco Unified CallConnectors support:

  • Responsiveness: Employees immediately see who is calling and what their relationship to your company is.
  • Better collaboration: When customer records pop up automatically, it's easier for employees to keep track of the conversation.
  • Easier communication: With Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration, employees can quickly see availability of colleagues.
  • Faster connections: Employees can click on phone numbers in integrated applications to automatically dial customers and colleagues.
  • Smooth integration: Easily connects your critical business applications with your phone system.

Speed up the rate at which business gets done in your company with Cisco Unified CallConnectors.

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Communicate and Collaborate

Communicate and Collaborate
Combine Voice, Video, and Data

Cisco Unified CallConnectors offer a range of features including:

  • Ability to use a PC or phone to place or receive calls
  • Ability to see customer's recent activity, follow-up tasks, reports of previous calls, and service agreements in just a few clicks
  • Ability to see colleagues' availability
  • Ability to click on phone numbers from Outlook and CRM database records to make calls
  • Automatic capture of information, call duration, and tracking information
  • Ability to offer remote workers the same integration and access
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
  • Support for 20 languages

Common Features

  • Lets employees connect with colleagues on the first try by knowing beforehand whether they are available and how they prefer to be reached
  • Streamlines communications with easy-to-use features for initiating a voice call, e-mail, or instant message


Key Benefits

for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Provides immediate information about inbound and outbound calls
  • Lets employees click on phone numbers in CRM databases to initiate calls
  • Tracks call duration
  • Captures call information and content
  • Available in English and 19 other languages

for Microsoft Windows

  • Call control toolbars within Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer allow calls from desktop applications
  • Inbound call identification through pop-up windows
  • Creates call logs


  • Provides immediate information about inbound and outbound calls
  • Lets employees click on phone numbers in to initiate calls
  • Tracks call duration
  • Captures call information and content

CallConnector Mobility

  • Lets employees set up their own rules for routing calls
  • Lets employees route calls to different numbers based on availability
  • Simultaneous ringing on both desktop and mobile phones
  • Employees manage only one voice mailbox

Learn more about how integration with key applications and operating systems boosts employee efficiency.


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Data Sheets

Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (PDF - 75 KB)

Cisco Unified CallConnector for (PDF - 235 KB)

Case Study

Bringing Personalized Financial Services to Farmers (PDF - 106 KB)

White Paper

The Customer-Centric SMB: Increasing Profitability by Focusing on Customers (PDF - 408 KB)

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