White papers

Acrobat PDF File Unified Communications Industry Study (PDF - 171KB)
  This report by Forrester Consulting looks closely at three vertical industries and measures how unified communications improve work processes within each industry.
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Benefits of Deploying Cisco Unified Communications within a Cisco Intelligent Network
Adoption of IP Communications accelerated in 2005 as many businesses and organizations embraced this powerful technology. According to Synergy Research, the sales of IP telephony systems - to date the most popular of all IP Communications applications - are projected to top US$10 billion in 2009. Cisco Systems alone is displacing almost 12,000 traditional phones every business day, and more than 37,000 Cisco customers use an all-IP solution - the largest number of IP Communications installations in the industry.
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Acrobat PDF File Unified Communications Transform Business Communication (PDF - 124KB)
Business communications often fail to keep pace with the demand for real-time communications. This paper by Forrester Consulting describes how Unified Communications offers new flexibility and manageability across multimodal applications to deliver unprecedented levels of connection for the distributed workforce
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Acrobat PDF File Unified Communications Application: Uses and Benefits (PDF - 913KB)
Based on a survey of over 200 small, medium, and large organizations presently using or planning Unified Communications applications, this paper by Sage Research outlines both the challenges that those applications address and the actual benefits that current adopters experience.
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Acrobat PDF File Enhancing Business with Smarter, More Effective Communications (PDF - 1269KB)
This white paper addresses Cisco Unified Communications applications in the context of emerging organizational needs and identifies quantifiable benefits - such as greater productivity, a richer collaboration environment, and reduced costs - that can be gained by deploying these applications.
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Acrobat PDF File SIP: The Next Step in Converged IP Communications (PDF - 800KB)
This paper describes the benefits of SIP to enterprise customers and explains the comprehensive Cisco® roadmap for delivering SIP-based solutions - an evolving strategy that helps deliver stronger. IP communications benefits to enterprise customers today and in the future.
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Acrobat PDF File The Networked Communications Advantage (PDF - 329KB)
Learn about the advantages of Cisco IP Communications on the Cisco Intelligent Information Network, an end-to-end solution that is based on a Systems approach.
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Acrobat PDF File Adding On or Moving - Assessing IPT Options (PDF - 250KB)
A Sage Research report that sheds light on Expected vs. Realized benefits of using the Hybrid PBX or Pure IP-PBX solution.
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Acrobat PDF File Bringing Innovation to Accessibility (PDF - 928KB)
Cisco provides solutions that everyone can use including people with disabilities. Actually, Cisco takes advantage of IP standards to lift accessibility to a new level, creating a more collaborative and productive workforce.
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Acrobat PDF File Top Myths of IP Communications (PDF - 740KB)
As IP Communications becomes more widely adopted, questions have arisen, as well as some common myths. Here, we'll share the facts surrounding these myths and provide information that can help you make an intelligent decision about deploying a converged network and IP Communications solutions.
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Acrobat PDF File Convergence : The Business Case for IP Telephony (PDF - 112KB)
A white paper from an independent observer that makes the business case of IP Telephony.
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Acrobat PDF File Cisco IP Contact Centre : Building the Distributed Contact Structure Infrastructure (PDF - 660KB)
Read how the IP-centric architecture of Cisco IP Contact Center makes it possible to readily extend the boundaries of the contact center enterprise, making it the ideal solution for both single-site and multi-site environments.
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Acrobat PDF File Cisco Undertakes the Largest IP Telephony Deployment in Industry History (PDF - 3,083KB)
A very detailed Case Study on the implementation and organizational processes used by Cisco Systems to migrate its own organization to a converged, enterprise-wide network.
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Acrobat PDF File Hosted Business IP Telephony (PDF - 1,417KB)
Hosted business IP telephony offers tremendous new revenue opportunities for service providers. This white paper provides an overview of new services possible.
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Acrobat PDF File The Strategic and Financial Justification for IP Communications (PDF - 409KB)
The intent of this white paper is to provide senior managers with the necessary strategic and financial justifications to make effective decisions regarding investments in IP Communications.
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Miercom Security Report

Acrobat PDF File Miercom VoIP Security Test Report (PDF - 402KB)
Independent lab test report on their security test on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (previously known as Cisco CallManager), against malicious hacker attacks.
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Miercom Security Video
Refer to this video to hear what Miercom had to say on their security test and the performance of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (previously known as Cisco CallManager).
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