Enhance Customer Interaction with Video

Enhance Customer Interaction with Video

Delivering up-to-date information where and when it's needed can markedly enhance the customer experience. It's even better when it combines graphics with text to quickly communicate information. Today's retailers and financial institutions are benefiting by targeting marketing and promotions to customers via digital signage at point-of-purchase locations or on the Web.

Using video, you can reduce the cost of marketing programs compared to traditional physical signage that must be created, stored, and updated. You can also amortize the cost of creating digital video by allowing customers to access it on demand through the Web or through in-store kiosks.

Communicate with customers, employees, and partners more efficiently with video solutions that deliver applications for real-time, on-demand communications in a variety of formats to a variety of devices. Deploy an integrated solution to:

  • Reduce video bandwidth to minimize its effect on network traffic
  • Prioritize and secure video to ensure optimized viewing
  • Efficiently distribute video to a dispersed user base
  • Manage and protect video assets on the network


Learn About Digital Media Systems

(Video - 4:05)
Find out how to use digital media to improve and enrich your customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Create Real-Time Communications

(Podcast - 17:13 min)
Hear how Cisco Digital Media System uses the network in new and innovative ways to enhance security.

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