Speed Global Innovation

Speed Global Innovation

Globalisation represents a fundamental shift in how individuals, businesses, and countries innovate. Today's global opportunities help companies identify and serve new markets with unique products and services. Innovation and adoption are accelerated in developing countries because everything is new. For example, in King Abdullah's Economic City in Saudi Arabia, technology-enabled smart buildings can be deployed more rapidly because companies don't have to migrate entrenched IT infrastructure or retrofit buildings.

Not only can global innovation help transform countries and industries, it can also transform your company:

  • With richer visual communication across the globe, companies can share good ideas and best practices more quickly among distributed, virtual teams.
  • By using the network as a communications platform, you can collaborate more rapidly.
  • Your employees can exchange information about specific needs in local environments, introducing appropriate products into new markets faster.


World's First Smart City

Learn how Cisco is designing a new infrastructure for King Abdullah's Economic City—the world's first technologically integrated city.

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