Empower Users with Web 2.0

Empower Users with Web 2.0

The era of the empowered user is here. Today's next-generation, technology-savvy workforce expects collaboration and information exchange through social networking applications. This group also has high expectations regarding flexible work policies, teleworking, and personalization capabilities.

You can harness both the experience and the expectations of these users for improved collaboration and business success. To achieve this, your company needs a connected and collaborative work environment—one that incorporates communications, business video, and Web 2.0 technologies. With this environment in place:

  • Your empowered users will speed decision making and accelerate innovation.
  • Increased velocity will help you improve products and services, and develop new business models and more effective processes.


Transformative Collaboration Tools

Sheila Jordan, Cisco VP of Collaboration and Communication IT, discusses communication tools that are transforming the ways companies collaborate.

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