Cisco Network Assurance Engine

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Comprehensive. Intelligent. Continuous.

Cisco Network Assurance Engine (NAE) transforms operations in data centre networks to a fundamentally more proactive model. Built on Cisco’s patented network verification technology, it is the most comprehensive assurance engine that mathematically verifies the entire network for correctness, giving operators confidence that their network is always operating consistent with intent.



Cisco Network Assurance Engine helps network operations teams meet the agility, uptime, and security policy compliance requirements of modern data centre networks.

Predict the impact of changes

Make changes confidently by proactively verifying their correctness and increase change agility while reducing the risk of network failures caused by human errors.

Verify network-wide behavior

Ensure connectivity and eliminate potential network outages and vulnerabilities before any business impact occurs by continuously analysing and verifying the dynamic state of the entire network against intent and policy. 

Help assure network security policy and compliance

Reduce security risk and achieve provable continuous compliance by assuring network security policies and checking for compliance against business rules.

How it works

Cisco NAE brings together the most comprehensive, mathematically-accurate network models, over 30 years of Cisco’s operational domain knowledge, and thousands of codified failure scenarios that run right out of the box.

Data collection

Capture network-wide device state and configurations, controller policy, and operator intent

Comprehensive network modeling

Build mathematically accurate representations of network behavior spanning underlay, overlay, and virtualisation layers.

Intelligent analysis

Continuously run thousands of knowledge-based error checks to generate SmartEvents that pinpoint deviations from intent and suggest remediation steps.

Transforming data centre networks. Again.

Roland Acra, SVP of Data Centre Business Unit, discusses Cisco's strategy for intent-based networking and how network assurance fits in.

Blogs and videos

Technology vision

Sundar Iyer reveals how Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine will fundamentally transform the way we build and manage networks.

Assure application performance

Hear Turbonomic CTO Charles Crouchman on integration with Cisco Network Assurance Engine.

Assure Citrix Netscaler load-balancers

Citrix’s open APIs and programmable infrastructure help integrate Netscaler load-balancers with NAE.

Powerful cross platform correlation

Minimise IT operational and security risks with Cisco Network Assurance Engine and Splunk.

Cisco Services integration

Optimise network operations, enhance agility, and mitigate risk to enhance intent assurance through Cisco’s comprehensive portfolio of services.

Cross-domain integration with F5

NAE takes advantage of F5’s open APIs and extensibility infrastructure to integrate F5 load-balancers.

Closed loop remediation

Intelligent workflow automation with Service Now and Cisco Network Assurance Engine.

News and events

NAE available now

Cisco announces the immediate availability of Network Assurance Engine.

Forbes covers technology analyst's views

See how network assurance is helping Cisco achieve its vision of the Network Intuitive.

Cisco Live Barcelona Innovation Talk

Learn straight from our customers how we are transforming network operations with Cisco Network Assurance Engine.

Featured at Tech Field Day

Join us for a technology deep dive and demo by Sundar Iyer.

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Enhance your investment with expertise

Accelerate adoption, issue interpretation and remediation, and reduce risk with Cisco Implementation Services and Solution Support. Speed time to value through experienced advice.

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