Solution Partner Guideline

Cisco Solution Partner Program (CSPP)

Introduction to Cisco Solution Partner Program Guidelines

Want to grow your business? The Cisco® Solution Partner Program provides independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors, and technology partners ("partners") with confidential access to technical, marketing, and sales resources. It includes access to valuable brand and channel assets. Integrate with Cisco technologies to enhance your solutions.

As a result, you'll deliver better business outcomes to customers and expand your market reach. Join the program today to enjoy one of the industry's broadest partner ecosystems. And watch your business grow. Do it by connecting with channel partners and offering customers Cisco integrated solutions that set you apart in a highly competitive world.

The program guidelines, together with the program agreement, constitute the formal agreement between Cisco and Solution Partner Program participants with respect to the program.

Cisco may periodically update the guidelines at our discretion, although Cisco may seek feedback from partners prior to such changes. Notices of any changes will be communicated in the Cisco Solution Partner Program website and by email. We recommend visiting the program website often to stay current on important program news and updates.

How does the Program work?

There are three participation levels in the Program:

  • Solution Partner(entry-level participation)
  • Preferred Solution Partner(mid-level participation)
  • Strategic Solution Partner(the highest level of participation)

Developers are eligible to take advantage of a set of Program Benefits, based on their level of participation and completion of applicable milestones, to help support every phase of their business cycle. Preferred Solution Partner and Strategic Solution Partner may also qualify for additional Add-on Go-to- Market Benefits and other Optional Benefits upon satisfaction of applicable requirements and achievement.

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Program Benefits Designed to Help Your Business Grow

The Cisco Solution Partner Program provides technical, marketing, and sales resources that help you build and deliver solutions. Benefits increase as members advance program tiers – moving from left to right, outlined in Table 1.

Table 1: Benefits by Program Tier

Solution Partner Preferred Solution Partner Strategic Solution Partner
Membership Requirements
  • Access to Devnet SDK's, API's, and Tech Docs
  • Access to DevNet Communities and community based support
  • Access to select shared DevNet Sand Box for up to 2 users / devices*
  • Up to 40 hours to access to select dedicated DevNet Sand Box*
  • Up to 5 DevNet Agent-based Developer / Technical Support Cases
  • Access to verification testing services(fee/ free mix)
  • Not for Resale Program
  • Partner Relationship Logo and Marketplace Banners
  • Customizable storefronts in the Cisco Marketplace
  • Partner Central, Market Central, Go-To-Market Resource Center
  • Unlimited Access to Business & Technical Webinars
  • Passes to Solution Partner Forum At Cisco Live
Membership Requirements
  • Everything in Solution Partner tier plus
  • Increase Presence in Cisco Marketplace
  • Access to select shared DevNet Sand Box for up to 2 users / devices
  • Upto 160 hours of access to select dedicated DevNet Sand Box
  • Upto 10 DevNet agent-based Developer / Technical Support Cases
  • Cisco Event Sponsorship Opportunities including World of Solutions
  • PartnerFIRST Participation Eligibility on Validated Solutions(Cisco Compatible Solutions)
  • Access to Cisco approved Press Release templates

NOTE:Strategic Solution Partners must be invited to join the Strategic Solutions Partner Tier. Due to the Complex nature of these Strategic relationships, benefits are highly customizable but may include:

Membership Requirements

  • Everything is preffered solution Partner tier plus
  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Customized Business Planning
  • Assigned Engineering, Marketing , Services and Sales Resources
  • Cisco Architecture Strategy Influence
  • Access to Cisco Executive Forums

Participation Levels, Requirements, and Pricing

The Cisco Solution Partner Program provides multiple paths to grow your business. Partners can advance from tier to tier at any time by meeting the tier requirements. For information on the Strategic Solution Partner Tier, send an email message to: Table 2 outlines membership requirements for each tier. Table 3 highlights the cost for each tier.

Table 2: Membership Requirements

Solution Partner Preferred Solution Partner Strategic Solution Partner
Membership Requirements
  • Valid Company
  • Complementary Solution
  • Approval from Cisco Competitive Office, BU, WWPO
  • Accept Cisco Terms and Conditions
Membership Requirements
  • Everything in Solution Partner tier Plus:
  • At least one Cisco Compatible Solution
  • 24*7 Customer Support

Membership Requirements

  • Line of sight $1B 360 franchise
  • Customized business plan with joint solutions roadmap
  • Dedicated partners resources
  • Global brand ranked in top 10% of Category
  • 3-5 documented wins with Cisco in each geography

To review the list of current Cisco technology versions, visit your partner dashboard here.

Table 3: Membership Costs by Tier

Solution Partner Preferred Solution Partner Strategic Solution Partner
US, Canada and Europe
$3,500 Anually $5,000 Anually

Program Pricing is not applicable. Dedicated partner' resources are required to join this tier and will vary based on the joint partner plan.

Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets
$1,000 Anually $1,500 Anually

Program Pricing is not applicable. Dedicated partner' resources are required to join this tier and will vary based on the joint partner plan.

Review Cisco country groupings by region here.

Cisco Compatible Certification

Solution Partners whose solutions have passed the Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) requirements below, or whose solutions are listed in a Cisco Validated Design (CVD), may use the Cisco Compatible ingredient logo under the applicable license terms and conditions.

  1. What Is IVT?

    IVT offered under the program is designed to allow partners to demonstrate the interoperability of your products (application software and hardware) with Cisco technologies.

  2. Benefits of IVT

    By demonstrating interoperability through IVT, partners may promote products and technologies as "Cisco Compatible" according to the applicable logo guidelines referenced in Section III, item 4 above and the license terms and conditions of the Solution Partner agreement. Customers faced with a choice between tested and untested products may prefer the product that has gone through IVT. Customers also may be reassured by knowing that your technologies have been pretested, reducing integration costs, accelerating deployments, and reducing risk of failure. Often, Cisco IVT is a prerequisite for customers to consider the solution.

  3. How to Participate in IVT

    To participate in IVT, the partner is required to fill out a detailed questionnaire designed to capture the information Cisco needs to learn more about your product, develop a test plan, and determine the appropriate method of testing. The partner also will be expected to verify test-readiness (including, for example, completion of test plans, lab configurations, and other supporting documentation) prior to going through the IVT process. For more information on technology-specific offerings for IVT, visit the testing page on the Solution Partner Program portal at

    Depending on the requirements of the specific Cisco technology, testing may be carried out in one or more of the following formats:

    • Onsite at a Cisco or an authorized Cisco test lab. This typically requires the physical presence of the partner's hardware, software, and engineering support.
    • Remote virtual test, carried out at the partner's premises by means of a network connection to the centrally-hosted test lab. Availability of remote virtual testing may vary by Cisco technology.
    • Self-test, carried out by the partner, based on a test plan and guidance provided by Cisco, and audited by a Cisco-authorized lab.

    For fee-based testing, partners must complete a statement of work and pay the appropriate testing fees. Partners must have engineers present during testing to provide technical support, ensure correct setup, tuning, etc.

  4. Test Results/

    Upon completion of the testing, the results of the onsite and remote virtual tests will be presented to the partner and the Cisco IVT manager for review and, if successful, for the IVT manager’s approval. Provided IVT is successfully completed and approved, Cisco will issue a Cisco Solution Partner Program online certificate and update the partner product profile with the Compatible logo. Only test results mutually agreed to will be made publicly available.

  5. Testing Exemption for Partners' Products with Cisco Validated Design Designations

    The Cisco Validated Design Program consists of systems and solutions that are designed, tested, and documented to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable customer deployments. CVDs may contain products from partners who are members of Cisco Solution Partner Program. Those products have achieved Cisco Validated Design designation and are considered IVT-passed. They are exempt from the actual IVT testing. However, those partners still have to submit an IVT test request for those products. During the IVT request submission, partners may reference your CVD designation and upload your CVD related documents so that the Cisco IVT manager will exempt your product from actual testing. To learn more about the CVD program, visit:

  6. Re-Testing Requirements for Preferred Solution Partners

    Cisco reserves the right to require partners resubmit products for interoperability testing when:

    • A partner has a new product release, or
    • Cisco has a new product release

    Partners are required to establish and maintain their products’ compatibility with recent Cisco product versions. A partner's Cisco Compatible integrated product is considered "recent version compatible" if the integrated Cisco product version is still available as a choice of version when partner attempts to add version to their registered product from partner dashboard. Otherwise, partners' integrated products are considered "non recent version compatible".

    After a partner product becomes “non recent version compatible”, the partner has a 9-month period to pass an IVT test request with an available recent Cisco version so as to have partner product become "recent version compatible". A partner will be demoted to the Solution Partner tier if all partner products have been in "non recent version compatible" status for nine months.

  7. Testing Fees

    Table 1 summarizes the various methods of testing available and the estimated average charges, in U.S. dollars, for performing each test. Actual fees may vary. Testing costs vary by product, test complexity, lab equipment requirements, and the engineering resources needed.

Time Sessions
Cisco authorized IVT lab $3,000.00 - $25,000.00
Cisco facility testing $1,500.00 - $25,000.00
Self-testing $500.00 - $3,000.00

Enrollment and Renewal

How to Join the Program

To join the program, follow the steps listed in Table 4. For detailed instructions, visit the "Join Now" page

Prior to conducting the online application process, Cisco requires all contacts to have a Cisco user ID. The Cisco user ID enables access to content and websites not available to the general public. Partners may request a Cisco user ID here.

Complete and submit the online program application, which requires providing your:

  • Company information, including complete company name and any punctuation, complete headquarters address, telephone numbers, and company logo
  • Contact information for various roles, including primary contact, technical contact, marketing contact, support contact, business development contact, sales contact, and legal contact. The legal contact is the person authorized by your company to bind it to the Solution Partner Agreement. Cisco recommends having a unique individual assigned to each of these roles. Cisco also requires a Cisco user ID for each contact.
  • Integrated product or solution information and the associated Cisco technology
  • Support information
  • Marketing collateral such as data sheets, white papers, and presentations

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by various persons within Cisco for approval. When Cisco approves your application, you will receive a notification indicating your participation level and applicable program fee, as well instructions on how to review and accept the program’s Solution Partner agreement and guidelines. Once your legal contact accepts the program agreement (online “Click to Accept”), you will receive instructions for submitting your membership payment. The term of program membership is one year from the program agreement’s effective date.


Cisco generally will notify partners when it is time to submit your annual membership payment. Annual membership payment notifications generally occur 60, 30, and 15 days in advance of the partner’s renewal date. Notifications are sent to the partner primary contact only.

Program Summary

We are delighted you have chosen to become a valued member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program.

The Cisco Solution Partner Program will help you integrate your solutions with Cisco world-class architectures and technologies, and navigate the increasingly complex world of selling and delivering integrated solutions to customers.

Should you have any questions regarding the program, send an email message to:

Thank you for joining the Cisco Solution Partner Program.