Super Rewards

Program Guidelines

  1. Reward program is valid till end of July 2017 only.
  2. Partner can work on POV support/ ordering.
  3. Partner Rewards will be fulfilled via Cisco Rewards. Your company must be enrolled in Cisco Rewards in order for you to enroll as an individual. Once enrolled, you can view offers, earn points, view point history, and submit claims.
  4. Minimum order value to Cisco during should be 10,000 USD
  5. Tenure of the POV should be limited to not more than 30 days from registration date
  6. Only Validated submissions of POV report will be rewarded
Rewards Activity Sales / System
Complete Fire Jumper Stage 4 TrainingNext-Generation Firewalls 50,000 points each for 1 Partner rep
Complete Fire Jumper Stage 2 Training 25,000 points each for 1 Partner rep
Successful Completion of a Security Proof-of-Value (POV) - >$10K net BoM per deal on qualified products) 25,000 Points each for 1 Partner rep
Successful convert a Security deal into sales (>$25K net sales per deal on qualified products) 50,000 Points each for 2 Partner rep

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Lead Registration

  1. Fill Up the Threat Assessment Program Form
  2. Enter Details, Select Country, Architecture as Security
  3. Select the POV Type ( NGFW, Email, Web , NGIPS, AMP or ISE)
  4. Submit Customer Details and Email Address
  5. Submit the Lead