Choose Premium Services, Earn Up to 3% in Additional Rebates

Cisco Services Partner Program

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Effective 25th Jan 2015, the premium services rebate is changing from a fixed 1 percent rebate to a tiered rebate that gives partners an opportunity to earn up to 3 percent in rebates on premium services bookings.

Ready to earn more rebates? Choose premium services over services that offer basic or minimum levels of support, and earn up to an additional 3% in premium services rebates. Any service above a next business day support plan is considered a premium service - for example:

Service Level Premium Service?
8X5X4 Yes

To qualify, all you have to do is:

  • Continue to meet or exceed minimum sales performance rebate targets, and
  • Meet the premium services ratio performance target for 1%, 2%, or 3%

Review your region-specific Performance Management Appendix to learn more about the premium services ratio, performance requirements, and how your premium services rebate is calculated.

Document Links
Performance Management Appendix APAC 1-Tier  |  2-Tier
Performance Management Appendix Japan 1-Tier  |  2-Tier
Performance Management Appendix Greater China 1-Tier  |  2-Tier

Find answers to questions about the premium services rebate in the Q&A

Here are a few easy ways to track your performance:

  • Download the eligible bookings reports from Partner Program Intelligence (PPI) to get the latest bookings data
  • Calculate your current estimated premium services ratio (premium services bookings/total bookings).
    *Note: final eligible bookings ratios may differ from your calculation.
  • Visit the Partner Performance Tracker tab of Cisco E-Consulting for Partners to view your final quarterly premium services ratio and rebate % earned (available following the rebate processing cycle).