Cisco Commercial Xcelerate

Commerical Xcelerate program provides you innovative ways to enjoy greater rewards! Partners can now earn from 2 Tiers of Xcelerator rewards - Volume Xcelerator & Solution Xcelerator by selling products, solutions and services targeted at Midmarket and Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) within the Cisco START portfolio. All sales must be made between August 31, 2017 - October 27, 2017 to be eligible. Check out the Commerical Xcelerate Portal for more details.

Volume Xcelerator

Achieve more with Volume Xcelerator whenever you make a sale under the featured Cisco SKUs! You can expect to reap tremendous rewards when you start selling today!

Enterprise Networking
Catalyst (2960L, 2960X, 3650, 3850) Series
ISR 4200, 4300 Series
Purchase with Umbrella Cloud Security Branch Series and get X2 rewards points
Hybrid Router (800BB Series)
AIR (1810w, 1815, 1830, 1850, 2800, 3800) Series
Small Business
Cisco One
ASA 5500 (5506,5508,5516) Series with FirePower Service
Purchase with Umbrella Roaming Series and get X2 rewards points
Security Software
Cisco Ransomware (AMP and AnyConnect)
SX (10 and 20) Series
DX (70 and 80) Series
Phone 8845, 8865 series
Cisco Webex
Data Centre
UCS C220/C240 M4 Rack and Bundle Server
UCS Smart Play M5 (C220/C240) Server
Cisco Nexus 3K (3000 and 3500)
MDS 9K (9100) Series
Meraki (GPL order only)
Cisco Meraki (Wireless, Security, Switches) Products for Cloud Management
License Purchase
Services (Technical Support Services)
Smart Net Total Care (SNTC)
Software Support (SWSS)
Cisco One
Cisco Umbrella

Technical Support Services Earn 3% rewards points based on the revenue of the eligible PREMIUM Service SKUs Earn 1.5% rewards points based on the revenue of the eligible Service SKUs
Smart Net Total Care (SNTC)
Solution Support
Cisco One
Cisco Umbrella

Solutions Xcelerator

You get even more bonus points when you make a claim to Cisco by selling the featured products under Midmarket Solutions Xcelerator*! With generous bonus points to incentivize your sales, you can look forward to more attractive rewards today!

Cisco Start Solutions Xcelerator

Architecture Solution Product family/SKUs
Cisco Start Cisco Umbrella Package : Secure + Connect Umbreall Professional SKU + Any Router OR Any Firewall
UCS Mini Server SKUs Entrepreneurs User Bundles (0 ~ 25 Users / 25 ~ 50 Users / 50 ~ 150 Users)
Cisco START Guest WiFi Package Guest WiFi Bundles Package A - Guest WiFi 1 (AP1815w) Package B - Guest WiFi 2 (AP1815i)

Quaterly Campaign (P+ partners only)

Architecture Solution Product family/SKUs
Quaterly Campaign Cisco Secure Network Solution (P+ partners only) Sell a full combination of Cisco Classic / Cisco Meraki Products (Switches, Wireless and Security)