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CISCO Industry Training Program (CiTP), is a joint initiative between CISCO, Universiti Malaya (UM) and MDeC, CiTP is an innovative internship program to provide your company with ICT expertise to stay competitive and to enhance daily business operations.

CiTP interns derived from a select group of students from the Faculty of Computer Science, Universiti Malaya holds excellent academic records and are CCNA certified, brings globally-recognised CISCO Networking Academy skills, and added industry knowledge to enhance business processes within their host companies.

CISCO and University Malaya engage in strict monitoring, mentoring and technical support throughout the duration of the program, to ensure CiTP interns continuously provide value-added benefits to your company.

Citp: A Programme That Works For Your Company

When you open your door to a CiTP intern, you open the door to the best of practical ICT solutions that increases overall productivity and heightens competitiveness in your company. What you get is a skilled and qualified intern that brings a fresh perspective in business solutions at no cost to your organisation.

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