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Cisco Workload Optimization Manager

Ensure application performance with real-time optimization

The ability to continuously deliver application performance while minimizing costs is critical. It enables development teams to innovate and run applications efficiently. Cisco Workload Optimization Manager is intelligent software that assures application performance by giving workloads the resources they need, when they need them.

Solution benefits

Get application-aware infrastructure

Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Workload Optimization Manager provide visibility and insight into application and infrastructure interdependencies and business performance.

Optimize hyperconverged workloads

Get predictable performance and IT agility with Cisco Workload Optimization Manager and HyperFlex.

Drive digital transformation with automation

Intelligent automation addresses the complexity that your organizations face, taking the time and guesswork out of allocating IT resources.


Full-stack visibility

Understands application resource needs at
every layer.

AI-assisted analytics

Proactively makes recommendations to alleviate performance issues.

Intelligent automation

Implements resource recommendations automatically to ensure performance.

Hybrid cloud optimization

Drives public cloud savings with automated selection of cloud instances, relational databases, and storage based on workload consumption.

Begin your journey today

Accelerate IT operations to the speed of applications.

Increasing Resource Efficiency

Because of how intelligent the system is, Cisco Workload Optimization Manager saves our teams time, especially our IT people. Now that they aren’t constantly putting out fires, we can put that talent to work thinking about the future.

Filipe Frasquilho, Business Development Manager, IP Telecom