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Servers - Unified Computing

Cisco UCS Advantage Video Library

See how distinctive Cisco Unified Computing System innovations can help you overcome limitations in existing server infrastructure.


Find out what makes Cisco UCS different, and how that can benefit your business. (13:00 min)


See how to host multiple security domains on a single Cisco UCS Infrastructure. (16:56 min)

Watch how to use VM-FEX on Cisco UCS to extend security boundaries. (21:36 min) 

Server Management

Watch use cases demonstrating the ease of cloning and redeploying Cisco UCS servers. (7:09 min) 

Discover the two options of the proactive Smart CallHome feature. (8:55 min)

Cisco and VMware experts show how to automate server upgrades. (15:33 min)

Learn about Single Wire Management (SWM) on a standalone rack-mount server. (7:21 min)

See advantages of Cisco Server Configuration Utility on Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers. (6:41 min)

Learn how Cisco Virtual Interface Card (VIC) can improve your network. (7:32 min)

Rack Management

Manage BIOS firmware versions and settings on a per-service basis.(4:31 min)

Configure local storage controller firmware versions on a per-service basis.

Learn how Cisco UCS supports server firmware packages on a per-service basis.(7:58 min)

Add new hardware assets to the infrastructure and assign them to service tiers.(9:54 min)

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Automatically schedule or manually start system maintenance within Cisco UCS.(8:04 min)

Change system firmware to increase service availability.(17:12 min)

Natively monitor Cisco UCS infrastructure with BMC tools.(6:03 min)

Deploy Microsoft Hyper-V on Cisco UCS. (4:37 min) 

I/O Management

Get guidance to simplify server virtualization with Cisco VM-FEX and Linux KVM. (18:05 min)

Get guidance on server virtualization with Cisco VM-FEX and MS Win2012 Hyper-V. (14:10 min)

Use IO templates and connectivity policies for whole server deployment. (10:24 min)

Learn about the advantages of Unified Fabric on Cisco UCS. (14:08 min)

Learn how to apply low level adapter setting into a stateless service profile. (12:21 min)

Learn how to implement pod-based storage with full zoning on Cisco UCS. (11:43 min)

See how to use Cisco UCS Manager 2.1 to group VLANs by organizations. (14:45 min)

Watch a technical demonstration of Multi-Hop FCoE on Cisco UCS. (8:55 min)

 Pre-configure Ethernet and storage adapters for bare metal and virtual servers.(12:49 min)

Virtualize network and storage fabric interfaces into the bare metal server. (12:15 min)

See how Cisco UCS architecture with fabric failover offers highly available interfaces.(5:51 min)

Eliminate virtual switching on hosts with virtual machine fabric extender (VM-FEX).(8:44 min)

Examine traffic flows for network and storage on physical and virtual servers. (10:43 min)

Discover the data forwarding capabilities within the Cisco UCS architecture.(11:52 min)

Learn about Cisco UCS Fibre Channel forwarding capabilities and modes.(12:38 min)

Learn how to provide greater Fibre Channel flexibility.(6:59 min)

Infrastructure Management

Use Cisco UCS universal ports. (9:12 min)

Optimize deployment time with Firmware Auto Install in Cisco UCS Manager. (7:50 min)

Allow IT staff to manage remotely and help personnel to manage on site. (9:56 min)

Easily add VM-FEX deployment to the Cisco UCS infrastructure.(11:36 min)

Learn how Cisco UCS Management benefits both blade and rack-mount servers. (10:39 min)

View a demonstration of Cisco UCS Infrastructure Setup. (48:32 min)

Use power more efficiently at the system level and adhere to service levels.

Set up a virtual Cisco UCS system to test configurations and scripts. (5:14 min)

Discover Cisco UCS management capabilities, XML schema, code samples, and more.(5:14 min)