Flexible Financing For Your Network

In order to compete successfully in today's business environment, companies recognize that they have to be diligent in making the most of their resources. Whether it's keeping their technologies current, or safeguarding their capital expenditures budgets, financing is one of the best ways to stay competitive.

Financing makes more than good business sense and here are a few of the areas where you will benefit:

  • Low cost borrowing
  • Conserve your capital spend for other projects
  • Flexible payment terms to suit cash flow

Financial flexibility is the key to providing you with the right tools to run your business competitively and successfully.

Welcome to Cisco Capital

Cisco Systems Capital (Cisco Capital) is a division of Cisco Systems specializing in providing financing solutions for Cisco Systems products and services worldwide. In Asia Pacific, Cisco Capital offers services through wholly-owned captive finance companies and partners in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Our Mission

To help grow our customers businesses through innovative and competitive financing solutions.

Our Value Proposition

Cisco Capital gives businesses access to the technology they need to stay competitive.

By creating innovative, flexible financing solutions, Cisco Capital bridges the gap between technology requirements and budget availability. This may be to remove cash flow issues, allowing the company to spread the cost of the purchase over a number of years. It could be to open up flexible repayment terms matching the costs to the benefits over time. Or it might be in the form of an operating lease, turning capital expenditures into operating expenditures.

For those companies whose legacy technology is creating a barrier to moving forward, Cisco Capital can provide a sale and lease back arrangement that softens the initial costs. And for those businesses who want a more structured way to manage their technology, Cisco Capital can build in a cost-effective technology refresh plan.

The result is that companies can get the technology they need to help drive productivity, profitability and competitive advantage. Most importantly, they can get access to this technology when they need it

Our understanding of Cisco Systems products, services and business requirements equip us with the knowledge to offer you an extensive range of financial products that suit your particular needs. In addition, our competitively-priced funding and flexible terms and conditions make us the best strategic choice for your financing partner.

The benefits

  • Accelerate adoption of state-of-the-art network technology with minimal initial investment and predictable, manageable payments.
  • Conserve valuable capital by spreading the costs of technology over time, preserving lines of credit, and freeing liquid capital for other investments.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by applying financial services management across the entire life-cycle of the solution, ensuring benefits from the most up-to-date technology at the lowest cost.
  • Simplify budgeting by enabling using operating expense (OpEx) budgets to acquire capital equipment now.
  • Reduce impact on book earnings, since lease payments are made from pre-tax rather than after-tax earnings and, unlike capital purchases, require no public disclosure.
  • Protect against obsolescence and financial risk, allowing the ability to continually upgrade to state-of-the-art technology (even during the lease term), without large new capital investments.

Lease with maximum flexibility using payment schedules to match cash flow, budget, and ongoing technology upgrade requirements.

0% Progress Payments for Cisco Unified Communications

No Payments, No Interest, during deployment of your Cisco Unified Communication solutions.

This limited-time offer allows customers to acquire Cisco Unified Communications solutions with no payments or interest required during the period of deployment. For complete details see Zero Percent Progress Payments Program At-A-Glance.

Flexible financing options

By spreading the costs of new network solutions over time and focusing on a usage model, businesses can maximise cash flow, conserve capital budgets and retain the flexibility to embrace new network technology advances at any time.

The following is an outline of the different financing structures available from Cisco Capital:

Finance lease

A finance lease is a capital lease, or hire purchase, that allows customers to combine some of the benefits of leasing with those of ownership. At the end of the lease term, the customer has the right to purchase the equipment, usually for a fixed nominal sum. For tax and accounting purposes, customers are deemed to own the equipment from day one of the lease term. Although such leases do not address the risks of technology obsolescence, they do provide customers with an easy tool for cash flow or budget management.

Operating lease

Operating leases are designed for businesses which seek constant access to the latest technology without the burden and risks of ownership. A projected residual value is deducted upfront from the networking solution cost, thereby lowering monthly repayments and total deployment cost. At the end of the initial term, the customer has the option to return the equipment, or upgrade in whole, or in part, to newer technology. Customers may also extend the lease, or buy the equipment at Fair Market Value. Operating leases shift the risk of technology obsolescence and the burden of end-of-life equipment disposals away from your business.

Sale and leaseback

Sale and leaseback helps businesses migrate to Cisco solutions and overcome the obstacle of legacy equipment and outstanding leases; thereby avoiding asset write-offs during technology migration. Cisco Capital will purchase the network equipment already owned by a business, before leasing back those assets. These transactions are designed for businesses which need to purchase assets first, for tax or other reasons, before leasing them. Businesses may also opt for sale and leaseback for purposes of balance sheet management, cash flow considerations, or when outsourcing network management to a telecommunications service provider or specialised network outsource company.

Services lease

A services lease allows customers to bundle Cisco maintenance and services solutions together with their equipment lease into one easy payment. Services leases are available for Cisco delivered contracts (Advanced Services, SMARTnet, Technical Support Services) sold directly by Cisco or a partner. Financing is also available for Cisco maintenance and services purchased on a standalone basis.

Technology migration

This option helps businesses avoid the problem of having to cope with an unexpected need to upgrade technology - a major concern for CIOs. It provides businesses with the ability to migrate/upgrade to new technology before the lease term is ended. This option is ideal for businesses preferring to plan for partial or large scale upgrades, and for retaining the flexibility of adopting new technologies as they become available.

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