Cisco Establishes Major Customer Relationship Centre in Malaysia

Company to Invest up to RM15 Million Over Two Years

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – July 12, 2006 – Cisco Systems® has selected Kuala Lumpur as the location for a new sales unit that will serve Southeast Asia. The Inside Sales Customer Relationship Centre, which represents an investment of around RM15 million over the next two years, will house up to 26 highly specialised Cisco® sales and engineering support personnel who will focus on potential Cisco customers that employ between 100 and 500 workers in the region. The Inside Sales team will be able to serve up to 7,000 companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

“Inside sales” is a term that is becoming popular in the information technology (IT) industry for salespeople who build long-distance “high-touch” relationships with key customers using communications technologies such as Internet Protocol (IP) phones, IP videoconferencing and click-to-talk Web applications. Cisco Inside Sales account managers and systems engineers provide Cisco with the ability to extend “customer intimacy” to a wide range of companies.

“Inside Sales plays a key role for Cisco, because many of our customers want to speak to a Cisco person directly and not to a systems integrator or reseller. Although they will not see the Cisco Inside Sales account manager face to face, they will still benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a Cisco employee, albeit remotely. Cisco sales people are trained to develop a relationship with the customer that is built on solving the customer’s business problems,” said Andres Sintes, Cisco’s director for inside sales in Asia Pacific.

Malaysia was selected as the location for the Southeast Asian Inside Sales Customer Relationship Centre because of its highly educated multi-lingual and multi-cultural workforce as well as the country’s competitive cost structures.

“We are happy that Malaysia was selected for this important regional centre,” said Kumaran Singaram, Cisco’s managing director for Malaysia. “The investment shows Cisco’s commitment to the country. There are already a number of Cisco employees based in Malaysia supporting the Asia Pacific region, but this centre brings up the level of importance of the country for Cisco. It also shows the potential for Malaysia to become a centre of excellence in the region.

“Given that Malaysia’s future competitive edge will be driven by the country’s knowledge-based sectors of the economy, having the Cisco Inside Sales Customer Relationship Centre in Kuala Lumpur is clearly a major boost,” he added.

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