Enterprise Sector: Cisco Medical-Grade Network Provides New Clinical Connectivity Solutions

New offerings help improve clinician communications, workflow

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – 4 July, 2006 – Cisco Systems, Inc. today broadens the Cisco Medical-Grade Network by enabling faster, smarter healthcare with the ability to direct, locate and prioritize information for clinicians and their patients. The new Cisco Clinical Connection Suite consists of four integrated clinical applications – Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, Location-Based Services and Collaborative Care – that enable clinicians to more efficiently and easily connect with the information, people and equipment they need, when they need it. As a result, hospitals realize improved staff productivity, reduced capital and operating costs with extended clinical systems, and significantly enhanced quality of care and services.

“Hospitals and medical institutions throughout Asia are facing increasing pressure to raise the quality of healthcare with limited resources. Thus far, IT solutions do not adequately address this need to improve the clinical workflow. Cisco’s new Clinical Connection Suite aims to correct this by improving the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and treated, while also helping these healthcare organizations reduce costs,” said Tan Lay Yang, Sales Director for Enterprise & Public Sector, Cisco Systems Malaysia.

Based on a single, converged Cisco Medical-Grade Network for voice, video and data, the Cisco Clinical Connection Suite provides real-time communications, monitoring, collaboration and resource tracking, delivered as an integrated solution in conjunction with the industry’s leading application and medical device partners.

Nurse Call
Nurse Call enables real-time alerts, such as patient or caregiver locations, to be delivered via wired or wireless devices, including IP phones. Instead of being contacted on overhead paging systems or dedicated pagers, clinicians can now use Cisco’s wireless IP phones to access Nurse Call Systems such as Rauland-Borg and middleware from GlobeStar Systems. Now, clinicians can receive patient location notifications and engage in direct communications with their patients and mobile colleagues.

Patient Monitoring
Patient Monitoring provides real-time delivery of demographic data and key patient information via text and wave form transmission to any wired or wireless IP device. With the realities of healthcare as a wireless profession, caregivers cannot be tethered to nursing stations or remain in the same clinical area for any length of time. Enabled by Cisco communications capabilities connecting patient monitoring devices from device manufacturers such as Philips and Draeger, Patient Monitoring enables nurses to receive alerts on their patients’ status, regardless of where they may be located within the healthcare facility.

Location-Based Services
Today, valuable time is spent by nurses and clinicians in searching for critical equipment and other hospital resources. Location-Based Services leverages the Cisco Medical-Grade Network and real-time location services for IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) tracking technology to allow hospitals to locate and track key assets, such as equipment and devices. In conjunction with the Cisco Wireless Location Appliance and applications provider Aeroscout, Cisco’s Location-Based Services help improve efficiency by reducing asset tracking time, and by preventing equipment loss and replacement costs. Most importantly, patient care is improved by reducing unnecessary wait times for equipment.

Collaborative Care
Collaborative Care enables ad hoc collaboration between staff and clinicians with on-demand audio and videoconferencing capabilities. Using Cisco MeetingPlace and Tandberg’s videoconferencing systems, Collaborative Care helps speed the time to diagnosis and treatment by bringing the right caregiver together with patient data in real-time. In addition, Collaborative Care enables hospitals and clinics to provide new services, such as real-time video-based translation capabilities for non-English speaking patients.

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