Program Overview

Cisco Networking Academy comprises four main functional areas:

Product: The Cisco Networking Academy portfolio consists of 18 courses to help students succeed based on their backgrounds, interests, and objectives. Networking Academy courses are designed to prepare students for career opportunities, continuing education, and globally-recognized certifications.

Relationships: Cisco Networking Academy partners with educational, nonprofit, business, and government organizations to improve the quality and accessibility of the Networking Academy curricula, encourage workforce development, and help students succeed during and after their studies.

Infrastructure: Our robust data-management system processes nearly 1 million assessments each month and delivers online courses in multiple languages including Hindi, Chinese, etc. The online course delivery is supported by classroom instruction to ensure a consistently-enriching learning experience for students around the world.

Support & Design: Cisco Networking Academy continually measures student progress, outcomes, and objectives to ensure that students have the resources necessary to accomplish their goals and adjust program offerings as needed.

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