Students gain access to:

  • multi-media web-based delivery that supports student-centred learning
  • hands-on training that develops problem-solving skills
  • industrial attachments for real world opportunities
  • globally accepted industry-standard certification
  • scholarships in maths, science and other technical fields
  • exciting careers in IT and the Internet

Educational institutions are able to access and deliver a program that:

  • is designed by industry and education experts
  • is ready-made and continuously updated via the Internet
  • comes with a Quality Assurance Plan
  • is available free to non-profit educational institutes
  • utilises the latest web tools
  • has full technical support and an on-line instructors' guide
  • uses the Cisco Networking Academy Management System (Academy Connection) management tool which greatly reduces administration time and increases productivity
  • conducts assessment on-line/ provides immediate feedback that monitors students' progress

Businesses can choose from a large pool of skilled networking graduates with:

  • Real time practical experience
  • experience of laboratory sessions designed with problem solving skills
  • no requirement for further training
  • industry certification

Governments and societies gain access to a national pool of skilled IT manpower that:

  • reduces the need for foreign labour
  • boosts the growth of economies
  • attracts foreign investment
  • enhances e-learning and networking development at little or no cost
  • bridges the digital divide from country to country, rural to urban, young and old, and regardless of gender

Non-profit, community organisations gain the opportunity to:

  • join an effective collaboration
  • develop human capital through connecting and sharing


  • is able to fulfill its social responsibilities of giving back to the community
  • gains access to highly skilled IT manpower