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Small Business Offers

Get the best deals on world-class IT solutions

Get the IT you need, without breaking the bank.

Small businesses want world-class solutions at affordable prices. So don't miss out on Cisco Designed for Business offers for networkingsecurity and collaboration solutions. Do check back frequently for new offers and promotions!

Promotions for a limited time

Save on security, networking and collaboration solutions for a limited time.

Cisco Designed Secure Remote Work

Enterprise-grade, cloud-based collaboration and security solutions together in one package.

Catch the Wi-FI 6 wave with Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller

Get a license-free wifi 6 solution when you buy a bundle of 5 EWC Access Points.

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Switches

Get two Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches for price of one.

Cisco Meraki Digital Asia

Get exclusive deals and discounts on Cisco Meraki