Mobile Worker Scenario

Security Officer Scenario
Security Officer

Security officer scenario

While Sheila and her colleagues are experiencing optimal productivity thanks to secured mobile access, her Chief Security Officer, Ajay, has additional challenges to face...

Sheila, a senior executive with a Delhi-based international talent search firm, which focuses on top management recruitment, travels at least 15 days a month. Since she processes vast amounts of sensitive data, the organization’s security polices have restricted her access when she is on travel. This obviously hinders her performance and information sharing with her team. How would her life change if she could securely connect to her office intranet from any location (home, hotel or any internet café) using her laptop?

Cisco offers 100% secure mobility across all geographies. Sheila’s concern, i.e. getting a secured remote access for her laptop can be addressed by using Cisco’s SSL-VPN technology while her problem of being vulnerable to attacks and losing confidential information can be resolved by using Cisco’s CSA offering.

Technology Details

ASA-SSL VPN (Remote Access Solution)
By converging Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IP Security (IPsec) VPN services with comprehensive threat defense technologies, the Cisco ASA 5500 Series delivers highly customizable network access tailored to the requirements of diverse deployment environments while providing advanced endpoint and network-level security.

Cisco Security Agent (End Point Security, AV, HIPS, FW, DLP Solution)
Cisco Security Agent works proactively to identify and prevent malicious behavior. It works a step ahead of conventional endpoint security solutions by removing potential known and unknown security risks before they can occur. It provides visibility and control of sensitive data across all endpoints; protecting against data loss from both end-user actions and targeted malware.

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