Factory Profinet

An End-to-End PROFINET Network

Our highly secure network now integrates with PROFINET Industrial Automation. (711 KB)

An End-to-End PROFINET Network

Integrate PROFINET onto Standards-Based IP Networks

Companies often build industrial automation networks from point products, or by patching together best-in-class PROFINET products. But imagine deploying PROFINET-certified products in a validated, scalable architecture for ruggedized, real-time Industrial Ethernet networks.

Cisco Connected Factory—PROFINET is a validated architecture that integrates PROFINET-based automation onto standards-based IP networks. It delivers industrial IT applications over a resilient Cisco Industrial Ethernet architecture. It is part of the Cisco Connected Factory portfolio of proven end-to-end network architectures. Get a 360-degree view of operations, along with real-time network diagnostics and troubleshooting.