Cisco Covacsis Solution Design Guide

Cisco IOx & Covacsis Design Guide

This guide explains how to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco IOx & Covacsis Validate Solution guide. This chapter contains the following sections:

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Overview of Cisco IOx & Covacsis Solution

Cisco IOx is an end-to-end application enablement platform that provides application hosting capabilities for different application types in a consistent and uniform manner across various Cisco network platforms. The IOx platform allows you to manage the whole life cycle of applications including development, distribution, deployment, hosting, monitoring, and management.

Cisco IOx comes with the following features:

  • A common software infrastructure to host applications in network devices such that they are independent of heterogeneous hosting hardware.
  • User friendly interface that makes it easy for developers and administrators to build and deploy IOx applications.
  • Provides a set of services that accelerate the development of IOx applications.
  • Provides complete life cycle management capabilities for applications hosted on network devices.
  • The Covacsis Intelligent Plant FrameworkTM (IPF) provides a unique platform that let you have a complete 360o visibility of the manufacturing floor in real time. It is a one of a kind product which provides vivid diagnostics input to production department to improve upon. It helps to redefine the sustainable economics of the shop floor, by collaborating across different departments of the organization in real time. With Covacsis IPF you will always be connected with your manufacturing floor, from any part of the world.
  • Covacsis Solution provides with the following Benefits:

Real Time Floor Economics:
Covacsis’ IPF provides indepth understand of the financial impact of the manufacturing operations undertaken at the most granular level.

Improve Control and Communication:
Real-time visibility of the manufacturing floor through Covacsis’ IPF ensures improved control over production.

Move from ‘Reactive’ to ‘Predictive’ Decision Making:
Big Data Analytics identifies non-linear relationships and renders actionable insights and reports.

Monitor your plant from ‘anywhere’:
Ubiquitous visibility and last mile connectivity gives an in-depth visibility of the shop floor in real time

Ensure Sustainable Improvement:
Instill a culture of improvement using data science within the organization

Covacsis powered by Cisco Network provides the benefits of

  • Network processes Sensor data, aggregated and transported over Cisco’s Intelligent WAN
  • Drive Business Growth with real time Analytics
  • Reduced WAN Bandwidth Utilization
  • Data protection against loss of connectivity to Data Centre and Cloud services
  • Monitor your business from- “anywhere”

Supported Platforms

  • The table below outlines the minimum system requirements for Covacsis IPF implementation at a typical manufacturing plant having up to 10 machines with 50 parameters each. For larger number of machines, an appropriate sizing exercise needs to be conducted.
Components Description
Cisco 819 Hardened Router.
PID: C819G-4G-G-K9
  • In case of a serial port connection 1 unit per machine controller
  • In case of an Ethernet connection 1 unit per 2 machine controllers
IPF Blog Server
  • 2 X Intel Xenon X5650 @ 2.67GHz (6 Core, 2.67Ghz, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB Cache, 95W)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 X 1000GB 7.2K RPM SAS HDD/ Raid-1
Data Consolidation Server
  • 2 X Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz (6 Core, 2.67Ghz, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB Cache, 95W)
  • 16GB RAM,
  • 2 X 500GB 7.2K RPM SAS HDD/ Raid-1
Panel PC
  • A standard Panel PC with Linux support is used with LIU application for operator entries. Typically 1 unit per machine.
  • Various standard adapters may be required for establishing physical connection with the machine controllers.
Serial Cables PID: CAB-449MT=
  • Installed IOx applications to access the router’s serial interface.

Software Version Details & Supported Protocols

Components Description
  • c800-universalk9_iox-mz.SPA. 15.5(1)T or later
Covacsis Software Details
  • IPF - 2.1 or later
  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • MPI/Ethernet
  • DF1
  • MELSEC Serial
  • HostLINK Serial

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