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Get a 360° view of your manufacturing floor in real time for proactive plant management with Cisco Manufacturing Solution enabled by Covacsis IPF™

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Knowing and controlling the micro economics of the production floor is increasingly becoming vital for manufacturing organizations. This requires mining locked knowledge which is deep inside the machines and equipments on the production floor.

The Covacsis Intelligent Plant FrameworkTM (IPF) provides a unique platform that let you have a complete 360o visibility of the manufacturing floor in real time. It helps you redefine the sustainable economics of the shop floor, for a variety of departments across the organization. With Covacsis IPF you will always be connected with your manufacturing floor, from any part of the world.


Features Description
Reports customization by end user
  • A high level of customization is possible with the dashboards in order to reflect the metrics and reports that are important to each sector or unit.
  • IPF has the facility of real time alerts and alarms that send immediate notification on cell phone in case of unexpected fluctuations and deviations.
Ubiquitous Visibility (Mobile App)
  • The state of the production floor is visible to authorized users in the form of dashboards irrespective of location or device (desktop, laptop, tablet and even smart-phones!).
Synergy between different stakeholders
  • Help collaborate between different users of different departments across various enterprises. It also have features like share view with other user or adding notes on graph so that it is visible across.
Online support
  • Problem Resolution Support provides through phone/online support by trained professionals
Financial Impact Analysis
  • Financial analytics help translate the contribution of shop floor events to top-line and bottom-line.
Remote installation
  • Installation/Implementation possible through remote location
  • Patch Management
  • Release/Version Management
Performance indicators
  • Real-time tracking of own & sub-ordinates performance
Operator Performance Analytics
  • Operator Performance Analytics is used to compare performance of operators by shift/day/month and assess capabilities and need for further training.
Interactive Data exploration
  • On-the-fly data slicing gives the user an exploratory experience to derive deeper insights of the shop floor.
3rd party software integration
  • IPF can seamlessly integrate the shop floor with enterprise level software for easy data flow without manual intervention - ensuring error free and immediate data exchange; and elimination of duplicity and redundancy.
Disaster Recovery
  • Loss of data due to unforeseen circumstances or accidents causes lot of problems for an organization. IPF has suitable redundant systems deployed to ensure quick recovery in case of any accident or disaster.
  • Highly scalable system allows easy expansion across production lines, plants and geographies. This will be done by offering IPF through three evolutionary layers: plant, enterprise & cloud.
Historical Analysis
  • IPF allows quick and easy access to data in historical format where data from different batch, machine, SKU can be compared and analyzed easily.
Integration with Data Science tools
  • Capability of integration with high end data analytics languages.

Business Benefits

No additional capital investment:
Covacsis’ IPF can be installed on the existing infrastructure of a manufacturing plant and requires no additional capital expenditure on existing automation and its web based open source technology ensures low maintenance costs.

Off the shelf system - quick implementation:
Covacsis’ IPF can be implemented quickly on any manufacturing floor, even with intensive customization.

Provides complete 360o view of the shop floor:
Covacsis’ IPF ensures completeness of information from all the sections of the manufacturing floor, with minimal human intervention, ensuring easier access a complete 360o view of the manufacturing floor in real time through authentic and credible data.

Redefine floor economics:
It is imperative to understand costs at the most granular level to really understand state of the production floor. Covacsis’ IPF makes cost one of the most critical component of production floor metrics, hence providing thorough insights which helps redefine the floor economics.

Provides robust decision framework:
It has become an eminent necessity to take proactive rather than reactive response towards any event. Covacsis’ IPF provides the much required robust decision framework to all the manufacturers, which provides them real time 360o view of the manufacturing floor, enabling them to take the decisions in correct time.

Helps create capability building framework:
Covacsis’ IPF helps organizations create capabilities for the next generation manufacturing practices where the shop floor executive will be required to measure and control the financial performance of the plant. Covacsis’ IPF enables the shop floor executive to take informed and empowered decision.

System Requirements

The table below outlines the minimum system requirements for Covacsis IPF implementation at a typical manufacturing plant having up to 10 machines with 50 parameters each.

Component Description
  • In case of a serial port connection 1 unit per machine controller
  • In case of an Ethernet connection 1 unit per 2 machine controllers
IPF Blog Server
  • 2 X Intel Xenon X5650 @ 2.67GHz (6 Core, 2.67Ghz, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB Cache, 95W)
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2 X 1000GB 7.2K RPM SAS HDD/ Raid-1
Data consolidation server
  • 2 X Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2.67GHz (6 Core, 2.67Ghz, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB Cache, 95W)
  • 16GB RAM,
  • 2 X 500GB 7.2K RPM SAS HDD/ Raid-1
Panel PC
  • A standard Panel PC with Linux support is used with LIU application for operator entries. Typically 1 unit per machine.
Adapters and Cables
  • Various standard adapters and cables may be required for establishing physical connection with the machine controllers.

For larger number of machines, an appropriate sizing exercise needs to be conducted. Contact your Cisco account team for guidance.

Ordering Information

For ordering details, please consult the part numbers in Tables 4

Part Number Description


  • License for 1 unit of Covacsis LIU and Blog Server 2015 (Valid as of 04-May-2015)

Warranty and Support

The L-COVACSIS-2015= license will be supported directly by Covacsis. Covacsis will provide support, maintenance and warranty on Covacsis software through their AMC program. Customers are required to buy the AMC directly from Covacsis. Cisco shall not be responsible for support or maintainence of Covacsis software that is delivered as part of L-COVACSIS-2015= license.

Cisco servers and platforms are covered under their respective Warranty and Technical Support options. Refer to the product datasheet for details.

For More Information

Read more about the Cisco Covacsis Solution, or contact your local account representative.