Cisco Covacsis Solution Overview

Intelligent Plant Framework

Make the shift from automation based production to knowledge based production.



  • McKinsey & Co. has featured IPF™ at the Global Practice Olympics

Manufturinacg companies across sectors
are bound to witness an inevitable shift
in the mid - to long term. Cisco Covacsis
solution understands this need of the
production floor, and provides the
manufacturing sector with IPF™ - a unique
product that helps realize better Return on Investment for plants and machinery.

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Cisco Covacsis Solution
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Basic Premise of Intelligent Plant Framework - IPF™
  1. What immediate systemic intervention is needed to further
    improve conversion economics (conversion cost, quality
    and utilization of machines) of the floor?
  2. How can an organization create value differentiation at the
    production floor itself?
  3. How can production departments prepare for inevitable
    challenges related to ‘knowledge’ centric production?

How Does IPF™ Work?

  1. Provides a cost-effective technology to acquire data straight from disparate machines in real-time
  2. Converts acquired data into actionable impact in real-time - by translating contribution of floor events to top-line and bottom-line

Benefits to Production Department

  • Visibility of exact root causes behind deficiencies
  • Cost and profit drivers to optimize conversion economics (Cost, Quality, Efficiency)
  • Significant increase in first pass yield
  • Substantial improvement in utilities saving
  • Improvement in OEE
  • Error free decision making tool by encompassing most granular and precise information

Cisco Covacsis Solution

  • Our solution IPF™ is one-of-its-kind and no other off-the-shelf solution provides such comprehensive and complete understanding of micro level production and cost parameters in such a cost effective manner.
  • We deploy our solution on each machine and gather all data points every second. Data from all machines is consolidated at one place and displayed on a single screen at any standard desktop / tablet anywhere.
  • Our solution can communicate and gather data from any make and model of machines of a PLC. Absolutely zero dependency on machine or PLC manufacturers.
  • Implementation across the process floor is extremely simple as we don’t need to halt production. Our solution can be installed on a running production line. This also eliminates the hidden cost otherwise incurred by the organization.
  • Our solution uses standard off-the-shelf hardware hence provides complete liberty to the organization over a longer period of time.What immediate systemic intervention is needed to further improve conversion economics (conversion cost, quality and utilization of machines) of the floor?

Benefits to Production Department

  • Highlights inconsistencies in production parameters for a given quality of product produced at different point of time under different operating conditions - Analysis over historical data.
  • Helps understanding unwanted incidents during the production process in real time and respond in a predictive manner.
  • Sets up evolutionary knowledge based manufacturing platform.

High Level Features of IPF™

  1. Provide unified diagnostics of all micro level process parameters across all equipments or machines in real time on remote desktops without any human intervention
    • Production team will have complete and comprehensive view of all process parameters across all machines on a single screen. Any deviation or aberration in any parameter will be notified in real time.
    • No manual data entry as all data are being captured straight from the machines every second
    • Parameters can be viewed from any remote system and one need not to come to the machine
  2. Conduct insightful analysis and identify underlying trends related to production cost, quality, process or patterns for a given time period
    • Each and every unit of the produce is monitored in real time and
    • Precise cost of per unit of production on a given machine can be calculated and benchmarked. For example:
      • Cost of chemicals consumed by a particular batch / lot
      • Reprocessing cost for a given measure of quality across time
      • Utilities cost per unit of production per day or per shift etc.
      • Productivity and efficiency for a particular shift over a period of time
  3. Create actionable reports by translating all incidents into cost and revenue
  4. For example:
    • Most frequent reasons of stoppages on the floor over a period of time
    • Cost drivers for per unit of fabric produced over a given period of time and their contribution in overall cost.

Functional Blocks of IPF™

Asset Performance

  • Plant Efficiency.
  • Floor Economic Index.
  • Capacity Utilization & hidden capacity.

Cost Performance

  • Utilities consumption for a machine/batch/shift in real time.
  • Cost due to rejections/waste etc.
  • Cost of operational inefficiencies.
  • Diagnostics tool.
  • Financially most inefficient stage.

Operational Performance

  • OEE
  • Yield/Productivity
  • Bottleneck in real time
  • Utilities consumption
  • Consistency measurement of process/machine/batch
  • Stoppage/Breakdown/Slowdown analysis
  • Diagnostics

Quality Performance

  • Real time quality index based on online process monitoring
  • Quality report of every batch individually
  • Quality diagnostics tool

Batch Analysis

  • P&L of batch in real time
  • Batch cycle time tracking
  • WIP inventory contribution for every individual batch
  • Batch efficiency
  • Various process parameters in batch across all stages
  • Changeover analysis


  • Analysis of not adhering to benchmarks
  • Benchmarking of various parameters like time, cost, process parameters
  • Utilities consumption benchmarking for every SKU-machine combination


  • ABC analysis of various breakdown reasons across locations/ plants/ sections/ machines
  • Performance measurement of an action
  • Machine OEE in real time with historical data

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