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Intelligent Plant Framework

In an era when you and your competitors have similar sets of world class equipment coupled with best process and practices, IPF™ allows you to leapfrog and redefine your production cost, quality and productivity for sustainable competitive advantage.

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Cisco Covacsis Solution
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The success of organizational strategies heavily depends on the right feedback mechanism originating from the ground. Manufacturing organizations are re-defining and re-aligning their production strategies in order to address the business challenges emerging due to changes in market dynamics, like arrival of new business models, competition, price, customer’s expectation and technological advancements.

The manufacturing floor is increasingly being reviewed and reassessed by the organization to develop strategies for redefining production economics. In a ceteris paribus scenario where equipment and processes on the floor are identical among competitive organizations, it is necessary to find levers to create differentiation. It is imperative for production teams to have a complete and thorough understanding about all performance parameters and have the finest control over them.

Going further, one of the key focus areas for the production department is to maximize return on capital employed by way of -

  1. Optimizing the utilization of current assets (machinery, equipment, etc.)
  2. Minimizing rejections and re-processing
  3. Crashing the decision making cycle to reduce ‘time to action’
  4. Understanding the economics of the production floor to ‘minimize the production (variable) cost’

To achieve this, organizations ‘NEED’ sharp visibility of production parameters with granular production insights across the board which requires a real time diagnosis and production feedback system in place.
Such a system will help an organization in the following ways:

  • Production teams (Operations, Quality and Maintenance) will have actionable data and analytics about the functioning or behaviour of machines/processes in real time to respond effectively and efficiently on a sustainable basis.
  • Organizations will get credible and detailed understanding about visible and hidden variable cost points to define a strategy or tactics to map and redefine the floor economics.
  • Other departments like production planning, costing and sales will have most reliable inputs from the system to function collectively in the most efficient way.
  • Cisco Covacsis solution IPF™ (Intelligent Plant Framework) makes organizations see what they ‘NEED’ to look at in order to ‘DO WHAT IS IMPORTANT’. It collects data straight from all machines/equipment across the floor and provides cost, quality and productivity diagnosis in real time.