Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations

Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations

Security, Reliability, and Compliance

Healthcare organizations have unique needs, which can be met only by securely connecting all healthcare employees to the same information and communications infrastructure to deliver vital resources anywhere, anytime, to any device.

The Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations facilitate secure access to network resources and applications from any location in order to:

  • Promote security best practices that meet regulatory compliance goals such as HIPAA
  • Help improve patient care and response times, as well as operational efficiency
Improving the Patient Experience

Improving the Patient Experience

See Cisco healthcare solutions in action.
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Medical-Grade Network Podcast

Learn how a Cisco Medical-Grade Network addresses the business challenges and needs of healthcare organizations through a platform that supports advanced medical applications.
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Cisco Healthcare Technology Foundations

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Cisco Digital Media System for Healthcare
DMS enables you to create, manage, deliver, and display digital content to digital signage, desktop video, or Cisco Enterprise TV.

Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution
Help enable interoperability between disparate systems to provide a patient-centric view of medical data.

Cisco Data Center for Healthcare
Support critical applications such as imaging and electronic medical records.

Cisco Secure Wireless
Extend the healthcare network without compromising network security.

Cisco Medical Image Architecture
Improve image access, delivery, security, and cost-effectiveness.


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