Cisco Innovative Banking Solution

Cisco Innovative Banking Solution

With banks looking beyond core banking to delight their customers, what better way to stand out from the competition, than enhancing the branch visit experience? Banks need new ideas to win in the marketplace while tightening the belts in operation. After crafting a futuristic proof-of-concept in the form of the Innovative Branch Solution, Cisco India presented the next generation banking solution to customers across Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi, By partnering with Cisco, Banks can now deliver such a futuristic experience to their customers, and enable access to Banks resources, across locations.




Enabling Connected Commerce

Cisco Innovative Banking Solution
Banks need new ideas to win in the marketplace while tightening the belts in operation

Features of the Solution:

  • Self-service - Convenience Banking: Non-cash self service terminal, and connection to contact center for support, using the Cisco IP phone.
  • Premium Banking - VIP Identification & Greeting: Identification of Customer on entry to branch through RFID card. Match with the CRM Database and data push to CSO's (Customer Service Officer) mobile tablet PC and branch manager's IP phone (through AON).
  • Personalized Multi-media Marketing: Pick up of customer profile by the RFID reader in a HDTV by AON and play of personalized marketing video.
  • Multi Channel integration, Remote Consultation and collaboration with the virtual banker: Access to specific product expertise outside the branch, through video intervention - information share in real time.
  • Public Safety and Security Solution (PSS): Network-based video surveillance, Physical Access Control systems and IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS).

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