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Communities As They Should Be

See how Cisco Smart+Connected Communities supports the world's best technologies, building design, and eco-friendly practices.

Communities As They Should Be

An intelligent network can combine people, services, community assets, and information into a single pervasive solution. Cisco Smart+Connected uses the network as a platform to help transform physical communities into connected communities and represents a new way of thinking about how communities can achieve social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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Amsterdam in Action

See how city planners tackle sustainability with innovation and information technology. (7:34 min)

City of the Future

See how some of the world's brightest minds are building new cities from the ground up. (3:34 min)

Next-Generation Citizen Services

IDC examines the environmental, social, and economic effects of intelligent networks on cities of the future. (PDF - 817 KB)

Implementing Cities of the Future

Cisco Smart+Connected Communities

Transform physical communities into connected communities to foster greater economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Empower Citizens through Collaboration

Collaborative technology empowers citizens and government by offering convenient, flexible access to important resources.

Borderless Experience

Connect anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time.

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Stan Gale

Chairman, Gale International

“It's all about connectivity. Real time. On time. Not just data dumping but wisdom.”

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