Accelerate Time to Value with Reusable Network Services

More than ever, IT organizations are under pressure to improve profitability by linking technology implementations to business objectives. We believe that as the backbone for IT communications, the network element of your enterprise architecture is increasingly critical.

The Service-Oriented Network Architecture (SONA) framework is the cornerstone of Cisco's architectural approach. This can help:

  • Design advanced network capabilities into your infrastructure.
  • Provide guidance for connecting network services to applications to enable business solutions.
  • Offer proven best practices and blueprints for success.

Working within your existing enterprise architecture framework, Cisco's network-based services are among the reusable assets that help to lower operating costs, increase productivity, and generate new revenue streams. Reusing core services available in your network, you can develop, deploy and distribute applications and solutions faster across your enterprise.

Explore the network-based services of the SONA framework.