Customer Experience in Retail

Smarter Retail

Tesco CIO talks about fueling growth through superior customer experience.

Smarter Retail

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach

Tesco is one of the world's leading multi-national, multi-category retailers headquartered in the United Kingdom. Mike McNamara, Chief Information Officer of leading retailer Tesco, explains why technology is essential to help Tesco respond to changes in the competitive market.

Watch this video to learn how capturing customer insights across multiple channels and crafting a delightful customer experiences is key to success in retail.

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Implementing Customer Experience in Retail


Put all your store operations on a single server, and save.

Enhance the Retail Experience

Revitalize your retail environment to exceed your customer's expectations.

Customer Experience Transformation Solutions

Connect with consumers, anytime, anywhere, and across any channel.

Expert Insight

Mike McNamara

Chief Information Officer, Tesco

“One of the really hard things you have to do as a CIO of a company is to invest in infrastructure.”

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