Align Business to IT with Architecture

Align IT to Business with Architecture

Forward-thinking companies are moving toward a vision in which business and IT strategy and architecture align. Building upon its existing network foundation, your organization can pursue an enterprise architecture strategy that enables it to rapidly add innovation to business models and business processes. Instead of spending time and money integrating single applications, you can link standardized infrastructure and application components for use across different departments and divisions.

By adopting such a deliberate approach to managing and enabling change, your organization can derive agility and efficiency not by optimizing around one specific business model, but by adapting quickly to evolving competitive situations and thereby accelerating business value across the entire company.

Because IT spends less time on integration and maintenance concerns through the adoption of enterprise standards it can more rapidly deliver solutions that serve business needs.

The Cisco Service-Oriented Network Architecture, an open framework for network-based services, provides the structure and guidance for IT to incorporate network services into their architectural roadmaps. Working with your existing enterprise architecture framework, Cisco network-based services are among the reusable assets that help to lower operating costs, increase productivity, and generate new revenue streams.


Use Enterprise Architecture to Deliver Business Value
Adopting an enterprise architecture approach can help you align their technology and business strategies to achieve your goals.

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