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Simple. Smart. Secure.

IT professionals agree: Fast innovation requires Fast IT.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

Unleash Fast IT

Business leaders must navigate an increasingly complex world of connections. These connections extend beyond things to people and process, creating the Internet of Everything (IoE). With $19 trillion at stake over the next decade, the IoE offers dramatic potential for innovation and economic opportunity. As a result, virtually every company is becoming a technology company.

To both capture the value of the IoE and to respond to business demands requires a new model for IT.

The old way of doing things won't work anymore. IT needs to free up resources to stay relevant to vital lines of business and to invest in innovation. It must deliver value faster and be more agile and less complex. IT needs a simple, smart, and highly secure model. Unleash Fast IT.

What are the Benefits?

Move Ahead of the Competition

Move Ahead of the Competition

Learn how a Fast IT model provides organizations with a business advantage. (PDF - 855 KB)

Transform Your Business

Transform Your Business

Discover what other IT leaders anticipate for their organizations, and how to prepare.

Models for Next-Generation IT

Models for Next-Generation IT

Networks need to adapt at the speed of business as the world of IT changes. (1:37 min)

Improve Your Business Model

Accelerate Your Pace

Cisco Services provides assessment, deployment, and support to make business decisions faster.

Cisco Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) redefines conventional IT to deliver Fast IT.

Benefits of IoE and the Intelligent Network

The era of the Internet of Everything (IoE) requires a fast-paced network to keep up with the speed of business.

A New Model for Accelerating Innovation

The majority of IT leaders (83%) agree that infrastructure must, and will, evolve to a more agile model. See the top findings from our Fast IT survey.

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Bob Laliberte

Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group "What organizations need to do is really transform that legacy environment into one that's much more modern, one that's much more agile and efficient."

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Discover how a new model for IT can transform business in "Fast IT Workshop Blog Series: Roadmap to Fast IT."

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Vice President, Emerging Technologies and Chief Demonstration Officer

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