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Security Everywhere

Confront today's threats with security as pervasive as the IoE.

Security Everywhere

The growth of video, wireless mobility, Internet-of-Everything (IoE), and cloud services presents both business opportunities and security challenges. To monetize these new opportunities, service providers are adopting open and programmable network architectures that increase business agility and lower costs.

Cyber risk, however, must be addressed. Adversaries are exploiting the growing attack surface presented by new services, expanded network connections, and device proliferation. Legacy security approaches have not kept pace with evolving network architectures or the changing threat landscape.

Until now, the only viable security approach for service providers has been deployment of scalable point solutions. But this siloed approach is costly and hinders dynamic protection of workloads and data flows across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Furthermore, point solutions limit integration, reducing security effectiveness by leaving gaps in threat visibility and correlation. Security teams must ensure sophisticated threats are identified, contained, and remediated without inhibiting service delivery, network flexibility, speed, or scalability.

Service providers are experiencing commoditization, revenue decline, and high customer turnover from traditional connectivity and managed services. They are extending their catalog of services with cloud services to generate higher average revenue per user from new value-added services, including security services.

To improve their return on large investments, they need additional services that can be offered quickly to enterprise customers, with lower investment costs.

Threat-centric security solutions are available for Cisco's open network architecture for service providers. Our architecture is designed for web-speed agility with an open, elastic, application-centric network infrastructure that protects service providers and their customers from advanced threats.

Cisco threat-centric security solutions can enable service providers to enforce effective security everywhere across the production network and corporate IT. This includes carrier network infrastructure, mobile, cloud, video, and data center.

Our advanced security solutions provide visibility and protection across your extended network-before, during, and after an attack.

  • Network security and data center solutions protect data and resources with threat defense, policy control, and more
  • Advanced malware protection solutions analyze threats retrospectively and adapt automatically to boost protection
  • Content gateway solutions deliver protection from constant, dynamic, and rapidly evolving email and web threats
  • Access and policy management solutions control access and segment traffic, and manage policies across the network
  • Mobility and endpoint solutions provide consistent and context-aware security for infrastructure, endpoints, and data

Cisco's unique security approach delivers consistent security policy across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. We combine the power of open and programmable networks with deep integration of Cisco and third-party security services. Service providers can strengthen and automate their threat intelligence to detect, analyze, and respond to attacks as workloads are dynamically provisioned and shifted across topologies.

Additionally, service providers can extend these security capabilities as service offerings to your customers. Providers can reduce resource demands while protecting customers from advanced threats with physical, virtual, and hybrid customer premises equipment (CPE) security solutions.

Cisco Cloud Security solutions help you offer cloud-based, CPE-based, and hybrid security services to multiple customers from one platform. You gain economy of scale by operating services for multiple customers from a multitenant service-delivery platform that can reduce expenses while maintaining competitive prices and offering new revenue-generating services.

Offerings include:

Cisco uniquely provides comprehensive integration of security services with consistent security policies, regardless of where workloads are provisioned. Our solutions benefit service providers in three ways.

Enhanced Agility

Cisco delivers responsive security protection with rapid provisioning and automatic adjustments for changing workloads and threats. By allowing security to dynamically follow workloads and data flows, service providers can take full advantage of open and programmable networks and avoid the problems traditional security service silos present.

Cisco Cloud Security-as-a-Service solutions offer best-in-class, flexible, and scalable private, public, and hybrid cloud security services. Our solutions can help you achieve faster time to value and rapidly provision differentiated security services to your customers.

Reduced Expense

Cisco and our partners have integrated best-of-breed security services to reduce the burden of costly integration projects. Cisco's dynamic orchestration eliminates the need for over-provisioned, siloed, and manually administered security services. Furthermore, consistent, central policy management reduces risk, lowers ongoing costs of operations, and reduces capital expenditures on infrastructure.

Cisco Cloud Security as-a-Service solutions allow service providers to deliver cost-effective, managed security services to customers challenged with:

  • Maintaining secure infrastructure
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Controlling costs
  • Shortages in security expertise

Using Cisco based managed security services, service providers can help customers reduce their IT security costs. Providers can offer up-to-date security protection, while offloading security management operations.

Increased Revenue

As enterprises move to clouds, service providers have an unprecedented opportunity to profit from the trend, and better meet customers' security, management, and budget requirements. Service providers can deliver effective, differentiated, security-enabled services to customers to create incremental revenue streams.

Security Products

Cisco provides one of the industry's most comprehensive advanced threat protection portfolio. Our threat-centric and operational approach to security reduces complexity, while providing superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection across the extended network and the entire attack continuum. Offerings include:

Cisco Firepower 9300

Get superior performance, deep integration, and advanced orchestration and management. The Cisco Firepower 9300 security appliance is a purpose-built carrier-class, multi-service security appliance for service providers. It provides tight integration of best-of-breed security applications from Cisco and third parties.

This product delivers scalable security, including:

  • Cisco ASA firewalling
  • Cisco Next-Generation IPS (available Q4 2015)
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (available Q4 2015)
  • Radware Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation (available Q4 2015)
  • Additional best-of-breed Cisco and third-party security services in the future.