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In today's dynamic market, organizations are looking to cloud and managed services to accelerate growth and lower costs. But not all services are equal. How do you decide who to trust for the performance, reliability, and security you need? When you rely on Cisco Powered, the industry standard for cloud and managed services, you know:

  • Your services are built and delivered on proven, Cisco validated architectures
  • Your provider has met strict qualifications for delivering Cisco Powered services
  • Every service you consume has been third-party audited

Accelerate Your Business

Count on Cisco Powered cloud and managed services to help you accelerate business with agile services designed to complement your existing capabilities.

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Save Time with Best-in-Class Services

Enable employees to collaborate and work the way they want with industry-leading cloud services for hosted collaboration, infrastructure as a service, and managed services.

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Partner with the Best

Providers offering Cisco Powered services meet rigorous certification criteria. Their Cisco Powered services are audited by an independent third party to assure they meet Cisco's configuration and performance standards.

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Transform Your Organization

Find Cisco Powered cloud and managed services from our certified partners.

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Surveyed business leaders identify the many benefits of cloud collaboration.

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Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

Industry experts discuss what moving to the cloud means for your enterprise.

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