Services for Next-Generation Business

Services for Next-Generation Business

Speed Decisions with Better Data Insight


Sharing information in an open environment increased the value of our data. Our portfolio teams get answers in hours or days for about one-tenth the cost.
- Michael Linhares, PhD, Sr. Director, Business Operations Resource Management Specialists Group Leader, Pfizer

Pfizer had to remove data integration bottlenecks to effectively provide information to researchers and managers and shorten the drug discovery process. The company also had to maintain the quality and security of replicated data.


We took key actions to help prevent shadow IT, including:

  • Establish a more effective method for prototyping complex analytics solutions
  • Allow quicker access to data from multiple sources by creating a portal environment with the Cisco Data Virtualization suite


  • Ability to make fast, proactive logistical decisions and provide better service
  • 50 percent faster project development time; from six to eight weeks now instead of the three to four months previously
  • Improved data quality

How to Get Started with Data

Wherever you are on your journey to data services, Cisco Services can help you: