Cisco Quantum

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Improve Network Agility

Use the Cisco MATE portfolio to model, design, and analyze multivendor IP/MPLS networks. (3:12 min)

Monetize and Optimize Service Provider Networks

The Cisco Quantum software suite is a key building block of the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) programmable framework that provides new monetization opportunities while optimizing networks for the fullest utilization.

    • MATE Live

      Cisco Quantum Policy Suite for Mobile

      • Carrier-grade policy, charging, and subscriber management solution
      • Helps you monetize 3G, 4G, and LTE access networks
      • Offers virtualization and sustained linear scalability
      • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • MATE Collector

      Cisco MATE Collector

      • Offers service providers a complete solution for offline and online data collection in a single platform
      • Provides capacity planning, failure analysis, traffic engineering, and network health and traffic trends analysis
      • Collects and correlates exported Cisco NetFlow and Border Gateway Protocol data that can be imported into business solutions
    • MATE Live

      Cisco Quantum SON

      • Improves 10-40% in key performance indicators such as call retainability, load, and throughput
      • Saves costs by reducing the need for drive tests and other manual optimization practices
      • Saves capital expenditure spending through dramatic improvement in network performance
      • Reduces costs of new equipment deployment through plug-and-play connections of new nodes
      • Provides superior customer experience, helping operators to reduce churn
    • QvPC

      Cisco Quantum Virtual Packet Core

      • Combines network function virtualization and SDN to help service provider capacity
      • Helps customers introduce new services faster and more cost-effectively
      • Distributes and orchestrates packet core functions across physical and virtual resources
      • Simplifies migration to LTE Evolved Packet Core through a software upgrade, without requiring extensive changes or equipment

Quantum Policy Suite

Learn how to scale, control, monetize, and personalize any service on any type of network.

Quantum WAN Orchestration

Get network service orchestration tools to simplify WAN capacity and traffic management.

Service providers want new ways to accommodate the surge in mobile data traffic, smart portable devices, and things coming onto their networks. As mobile devices proliferate, so do opportunities to strengthen relationships with customers by delivering superior subscriber experiences.

Cisco Quantum, a new mobility software suite, addresses these concerns by finding new monetization opportunities while optimizing networks for the fullest utilization. Cisco Quantum provides granular, real-time visibility and updates across every level of the network-transport and user, access, core, and cloud.

Cisco Quantum Network Abstraction Suite

Cisco Quantum Service Bus (QSB)

Remove the complexity and disconnect between network intelligence and application services with an "abstract-once-and-use-many" model. QSB supports a rich set of use cases for network optimization and monetization.

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite

Cisco Quantum Policy Suite

This suite provides a next-generation policy management solution to help service providers scale, control, monetize, and personalize any service on any type of network. It does so through a flexible interactive architecture that supports application-centric policy capabilities. You can also control policy and manage services across mobile, fixed, and Wi-Fi broadband networks.

Cisco Quantum WAN Orchestration Suite

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite

Business and network analytics capabilities can enable both historical trend and real-time predictive policy decisions. This suite includes dashboards for data visualization, and programmable interfaces to create system alerts in conjunction with policy. It includes indoor location analytics such as foot-fall, dwell-time, and more.

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite

Cisco Quantum SON

Service provider mobile investment is shifting away from Macrocell-only networks to heterogeneous networks (macro and small cells such as Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE.) The size and complexity of these networks would necessitate self-optimizing networks and a move to live and automatic optimization in the radio access portion of the network.

Cisco Quantum Suite addresses this pressing need, allowing service providers to maintain control, and benefit with major network investment savings for both operating and capital expenditures.

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite

Cisco Quantum WAN Orchestration Suite

Get network management tools to simplify capacity and traffic management, increase network efficiency, and reduce operational costs. This portfolio includes real-time and offline traffic demand analysis, design, planning, and operational automation intelligence for complex networks.

Cisco Quantum Analytics Suite

Cisco Quantum Virtual Packet Core (QvPC)

Quantum vPC redefines the paradigm of agility for service providers. Capture untapped revenue opportunities, particularly with the proliferation of Internet of Everything (IoE) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connections.

With Quantum vPC you can combine all packet core services-for 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, and small cell networks-into a single solution, providing network functions as virtualized services. Now you can scale capacity and introduce new services faster and more cost-effectively.