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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Data Center Advanced Threat Protection

The modern enterprise runs on a dizzying array of large- to medium-scale commercial and customized applications. The data within those applications is exactly what attackers are targeting. The Cisco IPS 4500 Series has the most advanced network awareness in the industry, providing critical application and infrastructure protection for the data center or network core.

Video Data Sheet

Cisco IPS 4500 Series Sensors.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco IPS 4500 Series, a critical component of the Cisco SecureX architecture, delivers hardware-accelerated inspection, real-world performance, high port density, and energy efficiency in an expansion-ready chassis. With our highly effective, out-of-the-box protection and automated threat management, your critical assets are protected in minutes.

The Cisco IPS 4500 Series offers:

  • Data center specific protection for web servers, databases, and storage; Oracle, SAP enterprise class applications, and custom software
  • Continuously defends critical servers due to OS and application vulnerabilities, reducing emergency patch fire drills and IT expenses
  • Ease of Deployment and management: Wizard driven deployment setup includes data center focused signature template; Efficient management from Cisco IPS Manager Express or Cisco Security Manager spans the entire IPS product line

Cisco IPS Performance Metrics

Discover a performance standard based on five common deployment scenarios.

Specifications at a Glance


Cisco IPS 4510 Sensor

Cisco IPS 4520 Sensor

Average Inspection Throughput

3 Gbps

5 Gbps

Maximum Inspection Throughput

5 Gbps

10 Gbps

Maximum Connections



Average Latency

Less than 150 µ

Less than 150 µ

Global Correlation



Reputation-Driven Mitigation Selection



Compound Signature Analysis (disparate alerts combine to identify higher order threat)



Customizable Signature Ratings: Severity, Fidelity



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