Why Choose Easy Lease


Why Choose Easy Lease?


Cisco Capital is more than an ordinary finance company. We have developed a class leading suite of flexible technology finance programs which are designed specifically with you in mind. As Cisco's own finance company we are uniquely positioned to become your technology financing partner.

Offering a Cisco Capital financial solution to your customer will benefit your business in a variety of ways.

  • Increased sales volume and average order value
  • Accelerated deal closure
  • Multiplication of repeat business opportunities
  • Enhanced cash flow by receiving payments from Cisco Capital within [] days of financing being in place
  • Improved profits margins and avoidance of discount requests
  • Stronger relationship with your customers, as you move from technology partner to valued business partner
  • An additional way to differentiate yourself from your competitors

Make selling easier and faster
Using this program will provide you with a highly persuasive sales tool to overcome the biggest customer objection; Price!. You will no longer be selling the upfront capital cost of the full solution, but quoting manageable monthly or quarterly interest free repayments to your customers.

Differentiate you from the competition
The Cisco Capital Easy Lease program, including the promotional 7% offer, is extremely competitive. Offering a whole solution from Cisco which addresses your customers’ financing and technology needs simultaneously, will help you to stand out from your peers and win more business.

Protect margins
By taking the focus away from the cash price of the solution towards a manageable, interest free, monthly repayment, customers are far less likely to enter into heavy discount negotiations. Also, by using the Cisco Capital Easy Lease program you will benefit from rapid payment terms and greatly improved cash flow as invoices are generally settled within 2 days upon receiving all documentation.

Improve customer retention and repeat business
Cisco Capital Easy Lease is an early warning system for you. When your customers want to acquire further technology they will approach Cisco Capital to adjust their rental agreement and Cisco Capital will then inform you immediately, thus providing you a sales opportunity. Customer loyalty will increase as you plan their technology roadmap with them, identifying when they might need to refresh their network and offering them the financing solution to achieve business goals.


By leasing their IT requirements through Cisco Capital your Customers will benefit from the considerable business advantages that our agreements offer.

  • Preserving cash for alternative investments with higher returns
  • Reduced tax bills as rentals are allowable against tax
  • Flexible upgrade options allowing them to avoid technology obsolescence
  • Enhanced technology to maintain competitive advantage
  • Ease of future budgeting, as rentals are fixed costs throughout lease term
  • Retaining their existing credit lines
  • Matching the investment cost to the business benefit
  • Having what they need rather than what they can afford .... now!
  • A "one stop shop" provided by yourselves

Cash flow management and predictability
Convert your upfront capex requirements into low monthly payments, and improve liquidity, free-up cash for business growth and aid cash flow forecast and management.

Effective use of your working capital
Obtain new equipment without tying up your working capital. Acquire more equipment than with cash payments, whilst also preserving your borrowing power and existing credit lines.

Choice of end-of-term options
Choose whether to buy the equipment, extend the lease (either with or without an upgrade) or return the equipment to us with no further obligation, at the end of the term. It’s entirely up to you.

Financing total solutions
Take advantage of a financing/leasing program which covers entire networking and IT solutions, including hardware, software and services.

Stay ahead of your competition
Maintain a cutting edge network by upgrading to the latest technology based on your business needs, rather than what budgets dictate. Leasing provides the flexibility that makes network investment and refresh a simple and cost effective process.

Better ROI
Improve return on investment with better match between costs and revenues simplifies your technology spend and facilitates financial planning and prioritization with competing investment requirements

Depending on your local tax and accounting regulations, equipment financed under an operating lease will usually be treated as operating expenses, so will not appear on the balance sheet. Rental payments are also usually tax-deductible.

Optimum Budget Allocation
Enables businesses to spread the cost of networking solutions over several years by leveraging current and future budgets, thus freeing up cash for alternative uses.