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Case Study: Eccosphere

Ecosphere upgrades to next-gen wireless with Cisco Meraki

Eccosphere is a unique co-working and shared office space based out of Noida. It provides state-of-the-art amenities including virtual office spaces, meeting rooms, and conferencing facilities. With rapid growth and expansion came complexity; every business or individual that used the co-working space had their own set of IT requirements. To manage these multiple demands Eccosphere needed an end-to-end solution for networking, security, wireless & surveillance. The Company opted for Cisco Meraki - a cloud-managed IT solution that helps organizations build a high-density network that saves time and money with technology that simply works. The solution has brought about a revolutionary change in the way the company manages its IT.

Customer Highlights


  • Stable and fast network connection
  • Robust security
  • Single dashboard to manage IT


Cisco Meraki


  • Centralized management
  • Communication security
  • Can be accessed by any number of internet-enabled devices
  • Automatic upgrades
  • High speed

The expert yet simple optimization of our network through Cisco Meraki has helped us stay ahead with the changing times, in turn helping our clients do the same. 

Prateek Sharma, Business Head, Eccosphere Coworking

    About Eccosphere

    Eccosphere is not an average co-working space! Starting off in the year 2018, Eccosphere was created for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses who were looking for a creative and unique office space. Eccosphere follows the mantra of creating a balance between mind, body and work, and is a space that breeds creativity, mindfulness and productivity.