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Case Study: Art Flute

Artflute discovers the next-best-thing to in-person collaboration – Cisco Webex!

The online art company that curates original contemporary art and facilitates art experiences adopts Cisco Webex to work smarter and more effectively.

Customer Highlights


A tool that could facilitate seamless interaction between Artflute and its customers, architects and interior designers, artists and partnering vendors.


Cisco Webex Teams


  • Team meetings became more effective and fun with real-time exchange of ideas and inputs
  • Personalized interations with partners, clients and artists
  • Enabled the move towards more informal working space with collaboration happening without any effort

At heart I am a business romantic, and I’ve always wanted to retain the personal interactions we continue to have with our clients, partners, and also vendors, despite us being an online art company. And that was made possible by a platform like Webex.

Padmaja Nagarur, CEO, Artflute

    About Artflute

    Artflute believes in turning every living space into a gallery of world’s best art. Artflute started its endeavour in 2008 with a sincere intention of creating a transparent, online marketplace for artists. Since then, it’s been introducing a carefully curated collection of art for every kind of art enthusiast - a young collector or veteran, home or a corporate.

    Artflute is creating a possibility for everyone to enjoy art just the way they like it and for that, the Company collaborates with galleries, consultants, on-ground partners and whomever it takes to create a distinct experience for novices and veterans alike.