Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Protect Citizens and Enhance Communications

With reduced workforces and constrained budgets, today’s public safety, justice, and corrections agencies need cost-effective solutions to protect citizens and public spaces.

We help you take a holistic approach to security by providing the strategies, tools, and resources you need to develop interoperable, responsive, and resilient technology solutions. With Cisco Safety and Security solutions, your agency can improve information management, enhance citizen communications, and increase organizational collaboration for better use of scarce resources.


Gunshot Location Surveillance
Use your network to better detect, locate, and respond to gunfire incidents.

Rapidly Deployable Communications
Enable first responders to easily communicate and collaborate using whatever method is best for them with unified communications.

Mobile Government Public Safety
Provide an infrastructure that enables secure, reliable wireless access to applications wherever and whenever they're needed.

Emergency Communications and Collaboration Platform
Improve capabilities and evolve to a fully IP-based emergency communications and collaboration platform.

Cisco Open Platform for Safety and Security
Increase safety and minimize risk by improving communication and collaboration.

IP-Enabled Emergency Response, Incident Management
Integrate information acquisition, decision making, and direction.

Unified Communications and Interoperability
Integrate communications to promote collaboration with and among agencies.

Border Control and Physical Security
Provide identity management and security for critical infrastructure.

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