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The Next Era of Networking Has Arrived

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The Next Era of Networking Has Arrived

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Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR)

Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) Generation 2

Mobility, cloud apps, and security threats are all putting tremendous pressure on the WAN and are creating a need for multiple advanced services to be supported at the branch to meet performance requirements. The ISR has been designed for improved application performance, greater network agility, and higher reliability, while running concurrent services.

Uncompromised User Experience

Branch locations must now support many more applications and more devices, pushing heavier traffic loads over bandwidth-constrained branch lines. Cisco ISRs are able to meet these requirements by consolidating crucial functions, including WAN optimization (WAAS), application visibility (AVC), intelligent caching, security, management, traffic monitoring, optional compute integration, and more, into a single box.

Faster Time to Market

As new business requirements are placed on IT, configuration changes as well as monitoring of the network often are the bottleneck for new service delivery. Now IT can respond to business needs faster through IT automation on configuration, monitoring, and management through the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) Enterprise Module, as well as fully tested and validated designs of the Cisco Intelligent WAN.

Enhanced Security

As companies move to cloud solutions or enable direct Internet access from the branch, it also increases the attack surface and creates exposure to more vulnerabilities. Cisco Cloud Web Security with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) provides protection from web-based threats. The Cisco 4000 ISR family goes further and addresses the need for advanced threat defense by supporting Cisco Sourcefire Intrusion Detection System (IDS) on the Cisco UCS E-Series for best-of-breed threat protection.

Lower Costs

Boost performance as your branch expands and add new services as your business needs change. ISRs support pay-as-you-go software licensing and give you the flexibility of buying increased throughput, network, and application services as your business grows.

Converged Infrastructure

The Cisco UCS E-Series server modules for the 4000 ISR family deliver data center-class compute and storage services for all office sizes, allowing customers to consolidate branch applications and servers into a single branch platform.

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