Cisco HyperFlex SAP Modernization Platform

Modernize your SAP environment with HyperFlex

SAP is critical to your business, requiring infrastructure that enables fast, consistent performance. Cisco HyperFlex provides the performance needed for SAP app workloads and the databases they use with simple management, reduced TCO, and cloud-like flexibility. With Cisco HyperFlex, you also get leading infrastructure to run SAP HANA databases, HANA apps, and SAP Data Hub with Cisco Container Platforming running on HyperFlex. 

Deploying SAP apps with HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex is the ideal hyperconverged infrastructure for your critical SAP applications and the databases you use to deploy them, whether that is Microsoft SQLOracle, or SAP HANA. HyperFlex provides the powerful, consistent performance needed for SAP ERP workloads with simplified management, flexible scaling, and a lower TCO.

More workloads

3x reduced read/write latency
ESG Lab Validation

Consistent performance

7:1 reduction IOPS variability
ESG Lab Validation

SAP HCI benchmark

First virtualized HCI benchmark

Case Studies

Reducing SAP TCO

CorpFlex uses Cisco HyperFlex to run mission-critical applications for its customers.

Modernizing SAP infrastructure

Lojas Leader saw a 60% performance improvement from moving their SAP ERP apps to HyperFlex.

Deploying SAP HANA with Cisco HyperFlex

Engineered on the Cisco UCS platform, Cisco HyperFlex provides the ideal platform for SAP HANA. In one system, legacy SAP applications, new SAP HANA applications and HANA databases run seamlessly on HyperFlex. Scale easily by adding additional HyperFlex nodes or, if you need only more compute resources, you can add a Cisco UCS compute only node that integrates seamlessly into your HyperFlex system.


Vendor for SAP HANA infrastructure
IDC Survey

HANA Certified

HyperFlex SAP HANA certification
Certification details


World record performance benchmarks

SAP Data Hub on Cisco Container Platform and HyperFlex

Find out how our container management platform and hyperconverged infrastructure make it easier for enterprises to leverage SAP’s powerhouse big data solution.

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